Faces of KE: Simon Gwozdz

Written by: Sarah Cheng

Edited by: Shervin Lim


In the aftermath of KE’s Night of the Arts (NOTA), you hear the hurried muttering of the Cultural Management Board (CMB) crew as they diligently pack everything up in the Comm Hall and call it an early night.

This week’s Face of KE™, Simon, had just been pulled aside for the interview, which I hoped would not significantly delay when CMB would have been dismissed since they had already been working their butts off the entire evening.

Simon simply shrugged, saying “Well, my alternative would be clearing these chairs!”


I guess an interview would be more interesting than shifting a bunch of chairs around, no?

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m in Year 2, majoring in Project and Facilities Management in the School of Design and Environment.

If you could describe your experience in KE in one word, what would it be and why?

Busy! Well, like many people, I was doing quite a few CCAs last year, and I’m in charge of two this year as well. So, the commitment level is quite heavy.

What do you do as head of CMB?

As the head of CMB, I’m in charge of organising many events, as well as providing audio and visual support for plenty of them, including NOTA, several suppers, and a variety of other performances.

How was your experience overseeing NOTA?

My experience overseeing NOTA… was quite painful, to be honest! It really wasn’t an easy event to plan and it took a long time to get everything all right. Up till the very last moment, we still weren’t entirely sure we could pull it off!

(But you guys did!)

What events will CMB be facilitating next?

We’ll be facilitating the 100th Anniversary Supper next year and we’ll also be involved in the recording of the 100th Anniversary CD.

What other CCAs do you participate in this year?

In addition to being head of CMB, I’m also in charge of Swimming this year. And once again, I’m part of the Hallplay cast.

What were your CCAs last year?

Last year, I was in Hallplay, Swimming, CMB, and, for a very brief time, Frisbee and Cheer.

Tell us about some interesting experiences you had in hall last year.

Last year was a chance for me to explore many different things; I hadn’t played Frisbee in my life before I joined the CCA. Last year’s Hallplay was also the largest show I ever performed in. I also unclogged a sink in E7 last year because I couldn’t take it anymore.

Oh no…

Well, someone has to do the dirty work. Which is why I’m the head of CMB.


“Someone has to do the dirty work.” (Gwozdz, 2015)

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.


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