Faces of KE: Juniper Thang

Written by: Nadine Febrinka

Edited by: Shervin Lim


“How do you find [hall life] so far?”

J: “I think it’s very fun; it’s so much better than JC which is just life-depriving. In uni you have freer days; you can study in the afternoon and play in the evening. That’s what I like about hall. But if you’re not in hall, you just go for lecture and [go home]. It sounds so boring.”

“Tell me something unique about yourself.”

J: “I like to try out new things. I don’t like sticking to something just because I’m good at it. In secondary school I played volleyball all the way. In JC there was volleyball too; they [won the championship title] for [several] consecutive years. I wanted to join too, but I wouldn’t be learning something new. So I went and joined the harp ensemble [instead]. Even though I wasn’t awesome at it, at least I learnt something new. It’s not like I was going to become a national volleyball player, so [I had nothing to lose]. Just try something new.”


J: “I feel that we should try to encourage all people to try new things. I mean, some people are scared that when they join [a new sport or music group] there will already be people better than them at the start, but I feel that if you practice hard enough, you’ll become better than them soon.”


“So you play the saxophone?”

J: “Yes. I started after A-levels because I wanted to try something new. But I’m practising harder now [since I’m in Band].”

J: “It’s quite easy to pick up, but tougher to continue [and master]. I also play the piano and the harp.”

“When did you play the harp?”

J: “In JC. I don’t actually own one; it’s really expensive. One of my friends has five harps though. She keeps them in a room kept at 14 degrees at all times.”

J: “It’s fun to play the saxophone because you can play any riffs and you sound cool. Like Careless Whisper (hums). Anything sounds impressive on the saxophone.”

“You even look impressive too. Like a jazz player.”

J: “People who play [as well] will know if you’re not very good, but most others will go “Woah”.”


J: “The great thing about hall is this: you end lessons around 12 or 1 (if you’re lucky), you study in the afternoon, and you always have something to look forward to at night. I think that’s amazing. It keeps you from [staying inside] and studying all day.”

– With Juniper, Year 1 Chemistry, CD Block.


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