100th Year Supper

The night of 14th October 2015 might just be an ordinary night for most people but on this day, 470 KEVIIans swarmed the well-lit, air conditioned dining hall of KE with their commemorative KEVII 100th year red shirts. It has been an entire century since King Edward VII Hall has been in existence, and this particular night was chosen to honour this existence with a lovely catered supper.

温暖的大家庭——记一次F Block Supper

Written by: Yan Xiaoxuan Edited by: Zhu Ming.

远远地就听到了四楼 Dr. Chen’s House里传出的吵闹声,即便是在小伙伴们谈天的嘈杂声以及从房间里传出的音乐声间,依旧能够清晰地分辨出Dr. Chen的小儿子清脆的嗓音: “So many balloons! So many slippers!”