Faces of KE: Special Projects

Written by: Sarah Cheng

Edited by: Shervin Lim


Late on a Monday night, I met up with four members of our JCRC to find out more about the special projects that have been planned for KEVII’s 100th anniversary. Needless to say, they were brimming with excitement, eager to expound on these impressive happenings in hall.


From left to right: Kok Liang, Ghim Joo, Victoria, and Yun Ting


Let’s start with your names, years of study, majors, and CCAs.

GJ: I’m Ghim Joo, a Year 3 Statistics major. I only have one CCA – JCRC.

YT: I’m Yun Ting, Year 3 Statistics as well, my only CCA is the JCRC.

KL: I’m Kok Liang, Year 2 Econs. Ensemble, Tennis, and JCRC.

V: I’m Victoria, in Year 2 Nursing. I’m in Touch Rug, Netball, and JCRC.


So what are these special projects all about?

YT: Our key role is to manage all the 100th year events as well as managing CCAs like Malaysia Night, DND, and the two OCIP teams. We also have a CCA dedicated to all the 100th year events, which will help us to coordinate all these events.

V: What we really organise is our Gala Dinner, the Carnival, a couple of suppers, a charity event earlier this month, and some contests.

GJ: We’re also opening the Heritage Room. We’ve done up the flooring and all, and it should be ready by Carnival (19 Mar), so there’ll be a grand opening by a guest-of-honour then. So I hope that more alumni can come down to look at what we’ve been through the past 100 years. Other than that, RunKE is also tied in with the 100th year celebrations. Usually, we organise the run within the campus but, this year, we’re doing it differently: the starting point will be at our (KE’s) old location at SGH. Coincidentally, the distance between SGH and our current location is 7 km.

GJ: Besides this, we had the Sketching Workshop and held the ArtistiKE Competition last year during the vacation.

YT: We invited Ms Jenny Sim, an alumni, to come back to teach us. The workshop was held over five days and selected art pieces will be available for auction during the Gala Dinner to raise funds for the KE Bursary.

GJ: The ArtistiKE Competition was open to all residents, and we have shortlisted some of the submissions which were photo submissions, videos, or any other art pieces. The theme for this competition is “To Strive, to Seek, to Serve”, our hall’s motto. The winning entries will be put up in the Heritage Room.


What can we look forward to for the upcoming events?

YT: Some of the contests as well as the charity event are over already, so what we’re preparing for next is the supper (9th March), in which we’ll focus more on interaction. So there will be a lot of games, and food. After that, we will have the Carnival.

V: The Carnival will be on the 19th of March. It will be just like any carnival, with food, games… but all profits will go to the KE bursary.

YT: And after that, we will have the Gala Dinner, which will involve some of the current residents as well as the alumni, to come together to have a dinner.

Two vertebrae in the backbone of the 100th year celebrations

The backbone of the 100th year celebrations


What are the challenges faced in planning and executing these special projects?

YT: I think it’s mostly the coordinating. We have to communicate with all the different CCA leaders in the CCAs we take charge of, and also with the block heads. We are very grateful to our JCRC for helping out as much as they can with the planning and execution of the events.

V: A lot of our events involve the alumni, and sometimes it’s not easy reaching out to them, especially if they have left hall for a long time. It’s been good that the office and ARC have been helping us a lot in contacting the alumni, especially for the Gala Dinner as we’ve gotten back a lot of our old alumni who have not been very active in our hall. In terms of liaising with the external side, there haven’t been many issues; much of the time, our committee really tanks a lot for us.


What are your hopes for KE as we enter its second century of existence?

KL: On a related note, what we really want to encourage from our residents is participation. It has been known that the KE atmosphere isn’t really one of participation, so all these events are one way to improve this. Support and come down for the hall events!

GL: I hope that all KEVIIans can keep in their hearts the hall motto!


Any closing comments?

V: SCRC is giving out free Carnival tickets to all KEVIIans, which will be held on Mar 19, a Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Even if you wake up late, there’ll still be food available, don’t worry!

GJ: What can you expect?

V: There’ll be a dunking machine, so you can dunk, for example, Yun Ting. [laughs]

V: There’ll be game booths and food booths, some of them put up by block comms. Some of the things they’ll be selling will be soft drinks, Polar muffins, Laoban Tauhuay… The typical carnival games include Hang the Hanger, Ring Toss, Dart Balloons… We’ll also be getting other carnival food items like popcorn, candy floss, ice cream, and nasi lemak.

GJ: The most important thing is the lucky draw. With attractive prizes.

V: Definitely attractive. But the complimentary tickets will not entitle you to a lucky draw entry, so please buy more tickets!

V: There will also be five performances: two from KE Band, one from Wushu, one from KE Choir, and the highlight of the day would be the performance by the Smoking Marshalls, an alumni band.

YT: All in all, the semester is coming to an end, so there are only a few activities left. We highly encourage all the residents to take part in them because all these only happen once in a hundred years.



Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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