IHG Handball (M) prelims: KE vs TH

Written by: Tan Zhe Ren

Edited by: Cheryl Tan

It was a lovely evening as KE fans gathered in the SRC Handball courts to cheer for our Handball Male team in their second preliminary match against TH. As warm-ups ensued, there were excited mutterings among the crowd; many were excited as winning this tough match would mean getting into the semi-finals.


At the whistle, our boys sprung into action. Protecting the ball, they swung the ball from side to side, attempting to find a hole in the TH defence. TH was resolute, covering and clamping our players whenever they tried to bring the ball to the goal. However, the tenacity of our boys paid off, as Jing Wei made a powerful shot into the corner of the goal, startling the goalkeeper and causing the crowd to roar in delight.

TH was not daunted. They mounted their own counter-attack, fiercely attacking the gaps in the defence. They pushed their way in, attempting to get past the KE players. Though our defence was active and strong, TH managed to flick the ball into the goal and score and equaliser.

The game progressed fiercely, with both sides not backing down. Tight defence and aggressive attacks set the tone for a tightly contested game; at half time, the score was tied at 5-5.


KE took the half time break to get some much needed rest, as well as to listen to the tactics their coach had come up with. Resolute and determined, they entered the court in the second half ready to battle.

It seemed that the half time break had rejuvenated our boys, as they played with spirit and vigour. They did quick and fluid passes, attempting to confuse the TH defence. TH, nervous at such a tight game, made a few errors, which led to our team being up 7-5 with 3 minutes left in the game. KE pressed even harder, taking charges during the defence, and ensuring that they protected the net at all costs. The crowd cheered in delight and approval at such great spirit; our boys were really putting on a show!


At the last minute however, TH managed to slip past our defence to fire off two shots into the goal, drawing the score even at 7-7. Though KE attempted to regain the lead again, as hard as they tried, they were not able to score a goal in the remaining seconds.

As the final whistle blew, the KE supporters stood and cheered. Though we had not clinched this victory, the draw was an accomplishment in itself; our players had fought hard and showed us what the KE spirit was about. Good job boys!


Photo Credits: KE Vision

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