IHG Basketball F Semis: KE vs EH

Written by: Tan Zhe Ren

Edited by: Cheryl Tan

Exactly a day after KE basketball girls wiped the floor with RH they were back at UTown to compete for a spot in the finals.

The match started punctually and uneventfully as the umpire gestured for both sets of players to step onto the playing court.

1st Quarter

Tipoff was won by EH but Farah won the rebound. This sent KE through on goal. However a sneaky foul by EH gave KE a throw in. The next 30 seconds were spent with KE trying to score, but despite their numerous attempts, they were only able to find the rim, and not the net.

KR launched their fair shares of counter attacks but like their KE opponents, were too profligate under the net.

After 2 minutes of play, the convening team signalled to the umpire to halt the game for them to resolve technical issues. Thankfully the issue was resolved within 3 minutes and the game resumed.

Soon after the restart, as KE was on the offensive, Captain Cheryl had the ball robbed from her while searching out a pass. This sent the EH player who robbed her through on goal. To the dismay of the KE girls, and supporters alike, the EH player scored leaving KE 2-0 down.

KE pushed forward once more but a decent shot from Jinyi rebounded off the board and into the hands of an EH player. This sent EH on their next attack which KE defended brilliantly.

Sleek passing from the restart saw Cheryl swing the ball to Joelance. Looking up, Joelance executed a deft pass to Adeline who converted with a beautifully placed shot. 2-2 the score!

The next 1.5 minutes saw KE furiously defend waves of EH’s attack. An error from EH saw them pass to Farah who tried to break through. Unfortunately EH recovered in time to send the ball out for a throw in.

A miss-shot by Jinyi saw her miss the rim, with the ball falling to an EH player. A EH fast break ensued which resulted in EH scoring. 4-2 to EH.

The next KE attack saw tussling in the circle, with Cheryl committing a foul while trying to win the ball. As EH broke, KE maintained their defensive shape and managed to repel yet another EH attack. Good defending from Joelance forced an EH girl to step out of the court with the ball, winning the throw for KE.

Adeline was impressive in defence yet again as good movement and positioning saw her deny an EH shot, sending KE through. Unfortunately EH countered KE’s counter, and 3 swift passes from EH saw them increase their lead to 6-2.

As EH broke once again, good recovery from Farah prevented yet another basket. Unfortunately EH scored from the resultant throw in after a pass found an EH player that towered over KE’s defence to slip the ball in. 8-2.

With 5 second remaining, KE mounted one final attack through Cheryl who drove in and attempted a layup. Unfortunately the shot did not score and the buzzer sounded for the end of the quarter.

2nd quarter

KE girls started brightly but nerves got the better of them as when they were sent through on the net, they failed to score.

To add injury to insult, Pearly, who had been KE’s top wrestler the past two games, saw her nose almost broken after a vicious foul by an EH player. Dazed, she was replaced by Cheryl. 

A good pass saw Farah sprint through but at the last moment, she was sandwiched by three EH players and sent crashing to the floor. The referee deemed it to be legal as play continued. EH increased the score to 11-2 as KE committed a foul-in, with the EH player finding the net from the extra free throw.

A resilient KE pushed on and good passing between Cheryl Joelance, Adeline and Jinyi saw the deficit reduced to 11-4. Their joy was short lived, though, as EH restored their lead to 13-4. 

KE’s defence seemed to switch off as they left an EH player unmarked in a dangerous position. EH capitalized on that and soon the score was 15-4.

A cheap giveaway by KE saw them being pushed on the defence once again. A defensive collision between Adeline and Joelance saw the ball fall to an EH player. With two KE players effectively out of the game, EH had no problem converting. 17-4.

Confusion seemed to be running amok as the next basket conceded by KE too owed itself to poor defending. 19-4.

A time-out was called and the team talk seemed to compose the girls. As play resumed, Pearly and Joelance executed impressive passing to find space on the left flank. Joelance saw an opportunity and passed off to Cheryl who drove in and scored. 19-6. Come on girls!

A good attack from EH saw an EH player throw a fade-away that found the net. 21-6.

As KE broke to try to reduce the deficit, the buzzer sounded to end the second quarter.

3rd quarter

EH started the 3rd quarter and immediately attacked the KE net. A hopeful shot hit the board but failed to find the net. However, there was no KE player there to mark the EH player running for the rebound and EH made their lapse in defence pay. 23-6.

KE defended the next EH attack well and Adeline won the rebound. Spotting Farah bursting down the wing, she threw an inch perfect pass that Farah coolly converted after a driving run. Being fouled in the process, she won a free throw. However she was unable to convert it. 23-8 nevertheless!

Good battling from Pearly won KE the ball but their attack found the rim and not the net. As KE composed themselves and tried for another attack, Jinyi was robbed of the ball by a EH player who sprinted through and scored. 25-8

The next 4 minutes saw a flurry of attacks from both sides but neither was able to score. EH broke the deadlock unexpectedly after a pass found an unmarked EH player who tossed it up for an easy basket. 27-8

Two more breaks later and the score was 31-8

4th quarter

A throw from Cheryl found Farah who when shooting, was denied by an EH player. Two free throws to Farah who calmly converted both. 31-10.

The KE girls stared well this half as they composed themselves. Good calm passing from KE saw Cheryl draw a shooting foul. However she failed to convert both her free throws and EH broke away. A defensive foul was committed by KE and the EH player converted 1 out of 2 to make it 33-10.

After Joelance stretched to win the ball on the floor, her toss found Cheryl who found Jinyi unmarked under the EH basket to make it 33-12.

Farah scored the next basket after a good drive from half-court. 33-14.

Passes between Farah and Cheryl saw KE make it 6 without reply after Farah converted.

EH was not to be outdone as they responded with a basket to make it 35-16.

Farah scored the next KE attempt to make it 35-18

Impressive passing between Farah and Cheryl saw the latter driving in to make it 35-20.

A defensive foul committed by KE gave away 2 free throws which were converted to make it 37-20.

Yet another foul was drawn from EH giving them 2 free throws. Luckily they only converted 1. 38-20.

As the next KE attempt failed to score, EH took the opportunity to break through to make the score 40-20.

Good play by KE presented Cheryl with an opportunity. However, there was still much to be done. Despite that, Cheryl twisted and turned to execute her trademark shot. 40-22.

EH scores 42-22.

After KE turned over the ball, they were in full retreat for defence. However, Cheryl stayed up front and managed to steal the ball right under the EH basket after the EH players panicked. The hard part was done and Cheryl floated the ball into the net to make it 42-24

As Cheryl tried to repeat her steal, EH decided that they did not want to be embarrassed twice. Passing the ball away, they sprinted down the line and scored to make it 44-24.

The final play saw EH commit a foul on Joelance but the umpire decided against calling the foul. EH, through on the basket, made no mistake .46-24

4th quarter ends

Despite the defeat, the KE girls had played their hearts out. It was a good effort and they can be very proud of their achievement. Good job girls.

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