KE Basketball (F) vs KR

KE basketball female meets KR in their first prelims!


The girls warming up


The match started with KE’s centre, Adeline winning the jump. Unfortunately the deflection fell to the hands of a KR player.


Joelance sneakily stops the KR player. Notice the hand.

Inside the first minute, KR attempted a number of shots but their profligacy and a tight zonal defence by KE meant that none of KR’s attempted shots went in.




After the 4 minute mark, a lovely lofted pass from KE’s forward, Joelance, found an unmarked Adeline for KE to make it 2-0. Good defence on the other end after a quick break by KR prevented a basket, but KE’s lead was short lived as a fortuitous deflection found a KR player who took two attempts to make it 2-2.

KE’s small forward, Stephanie, committed a foul within the area as the KR point guard took a shot, resulting in two free throws which KR duly failed to convert. 2-2 the score stayed. 

The next points went the way of KR as a hopeful 3 point shot found the net. 5-2 to KR


Joelance’s perfect pass


Joelance seemed to be playing with a fire in her belly as yet another one of her inch-perfect passes found pearly who converted her shot making it 5-4.

However KR’s fast break returned KE’s deficit to 3 despite resilient defending. 7-4


It’s not a wrestling match, Pearly


A competitive battle ensued as KE tried valiantly to break KR’s defence, but their efforts came to an end with the referee’s whistle, signalling the end of the first quarter.


Coach at work


Tactical switches occurred on the KE bench before the restart and KE emerged more resilient than ever. An early attempt did not come to fruition as a KR defence held strong.


Cheryl recovers well and floors the KR player


After KR’s interception and fast break, captain Cheryl recovered well to stop the offensive KR player from increasing the deficit, with both players tumbling to the floor.

Put off by an unwavering KE defence, KR’s coach called a time out, possibly to re-organize. This gave the KE girls, who had been fighting hard, an opportunity to hydrate and too receive tactical instructions from their coach.


Again, Pearly, it’s not a wrestling match


A clever foul by Farah to stop a KR attack resulted in a throw in for KR. Swift passes and a layup by KR meant that KE was now 5 behind. 9-4

Within seconds, the score was 11-4 after wasteful shooting by KE gave possession away, resulting in a fast break and easy layup for KR.


Farah bashing through the KR defence


Undeterred, KE picked themselves up and continued fighting. Small forward Farah’s diminutive size belied her combative abilities as she muscled through the KR defence only to see her pass intercepted. Still, KE pushed on.


Adeline makes it 14-6


Despite KE’s best efforts, another 3 point shot by KR found the net to make it 14-4. However, quick thinking and a fast pass-off from Cheryl who spotted KR’s slow backtrack provided an immediate response which saw Adeline make it 14-6.


Farah passes!


A lovely play by KE after Farah’s almost-full court pass found Joelance gave KE an opportunity. A swift pass to Adeline saw the ball sail towards the net only to be denied by the rim.

As KR broke away, KE conceded a free throw which KR managed to convert a point out of the possible two. 15-6.


Farah gets fouled


A lovely driving run from Farah won her a free throw. Unfortunately she failed to convert the throws, and a quick two pass break by KR saw them increase their lead to 17-6. Fortunately, KR was not able to increase it further by converting the free throw from foul in. That proved to be the last attempt of the quarter as the referee blew to give the players a much needed break.

The third quarter saw a tactical reshuffle from KE.


Joelance’s shot sails in. For the third time, Pearly, it’s not a wrestling match!

A quick attack form KE found Adeline whose first time pass found Joelance. As Joelance went up for the shot, she was fouled by a KR player giving her two free throws which she converted with ease. 17-8 to KE. A 3 point attempt by Farah found the board but not the net. But that did not matter as Pearly challenged and won the rebound. A fancy flick of her wrist reduced the difference to 17-10. 

A throw in by Cheryl found an unmarked Joelance after good running by the other teammates distracted the other players. Joelance floated in an inch perfect shot to make it 17-12.

After mesmerizing passing by KE, Cheryl drove in only to be knocked down by two KR players, drawing two free throws. KR sneakily called a timeout just as Cheryl was about to shoot. That did not matter as Cheryl converted both throws upon the game resuming to make it 17-14.


Joelance’s fast break pass


A lovely fast break saw Joelance find Cheryl with a pass. Driving in, Cheryl threw in a shot which found the net. Cheryl was fouled in the process which meant she won an additional free throw which she too converted. 17-17.


Cheryl going to get fouled


Cheryl fouled


Cheryl converting the free throw

KR finally mustered a shot which found the net returning the deficit to 19-17.


Adeline wins the rebound


A KR shot which hit the rim saw Adeline come up against two KR players. Undeterred, she manged to win the rebound which sparked a KE fast break. Unfortunately, KE was unable to capitalize. KR took the opportunity to launch a counter-attack of their own which they ultimately converted. To increase their lead to 21-17.

A last ditch attempt at blocking an attempt on the hoop by KE saw a KR player’s shot get deflected. However the deflection unfortunately spun into the net giving KR a fortuitous but undeserving 6 point lead. 23-17

Just as KE was mounting yet another attack, the referee blew for the end of the third quarter.


Adeline manages to get a block on the shot


A defensive foul by Jinyi gave KR a throw in which they almost capitalized on, if not for the heroics of Adeline who blocked the shot as the ball was mid-flight.

Two free throws for KR saw them convert only 1, which meant that the deficit was now 7 at 24-17. KE’s fighting spirit saw them give up defence for offence which mean they also left more holes at the back. KR exploited this advantage to drive in and draw a technical foul. Another two free throws were awarded to KR. Thankfully for KE, they only managed to convert 1. 25-17.


Farah fast-breaking

KE’s resilience saw them execute a fast break which Farah converted to make 25-19.

As Joelance won the rebound, it gave KE another chance to attack. A superb twist and turn by Cheryl saw her make a shot which rebounded to Joelance. Joelance made no mistake from the rebound making it 25-21. However KR found their way past a tight KE defence to make it 27-21.

Adeline saw her hand being swiped away by a KR defender as she was making her shot giving her two free throws. She coolly converted both. 27-23! KE was now 2 shots away from tying the match. As KE fought on, Jinyi and Cheryl sandwiched a KR player to win the ball. Clever passing between Cheryl and Adeline provided space for Jinyi to do what she did best – pot a 3 point shot! 27-26! KE was now within 1 point of tying the match!

As KR swung the ball around, they managed to find an angle to shoot. Unfortunately for KE, the shot from a tight angle found the net. 29-26


Cheryl tries to steal the ball


Determined not to lose, a valiant KE team pressed on with Cheryl wrestling the ball from a KR player only for the call to go KR’s way. Two free throws to KR with another 1 conversion saw the score increase to 30-26.

Cheryl drew another foul from KR giving her two free throws. Smart thinking by Cheryl saw her intentionally miss her free throw to give KE a chance at 2 points instead of 1, but time was not on KE’s side as the referee blew for the end of the game.


Good fight girls!

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