Faces of KE: Tan Yijun

Written By: Gabriel Lim

Edited By: Cheryl Tan

Amidst the mad rush and hustle in which we call Hall Life, KE Press has managed to find precious minutes on a dreary Monday evening to sit down with Tan Yijun from AB Block to find out a little more about her.

Copy of Darren-2347

Tell us a little more about yourself.

Well, I’m a Year 1 Dentistry student, and obviously this is my first year in KE! My current CCAs are Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Hall Publicity Board, Netball and Block Committee. I must admit I’m a little of a semi Hall Phantom when it comes closer to my exams as I will be less able to attend CCA then. However, I did make up for it by coming quite regularly during the vacation period!

So, what are some of your more interesting experiences in Hall?

Well, my most memorable experience in hall was definitely during my Touch Rug camp, where we were made to do Physical Training (PT) for more than eight hours after we did badly for our first drill! It was an extremely strenuous combination of exercises that proved to be one of the toughest ever in my life!

Please describe what your hall experience has been like

Well, I truly believe that hall life is not just about attending all the big events like Inter-Hall Games (IHG) and Formal Hall Dinner (FHG). It is about these major events and all the little things we do such as people coming to your room and chatting, block suppers and more that blend together to create a unique hall experience for me.

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So what has been your biggest takeaway from hall life?

Well, though I know everyone will probably say the same thing, it is really knowing how to balance my time well! I think every university student can attest to the fact that their workload is at least 4 to 5 times greater than JC or maybe even worse. Also, I was able to experience something that is exclusive to KE only! Due to the fact that KE’s sports culture has a lot of potential to be strengthened (I hope JCRC doesn’t see this :P), I was able to try out a number of new sports CCAs such as volleyball which I have never tried before! It was truly a novel experience for me.

Okay, last question. Tell us something unique about yourself.

Well, something really interesting about myself is that I am really accident-prone. I mean REALLY accident prone. Like when I was five, I was walking on a perfectly safe, flat marble tiling when I tripped over the floor and had to be sent to the hospital to get stitches. Various other incidents that also ended in me rushing to the hospital to get stitches involved me banging my head into cupboards and tripping over escalators. So yeah, till this day, I always take the stairs and have an intense phobia of cupboards. (Just kidding!)

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