Faces of KE: Vivien Tang

Written By: Ellora Chua

Edited By: Gabriel Lim

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m from Penang, I’m currently a Year 2 Food Science student and I like to sing in the shower…

When did you move to Singapore and how is it like in Penang compared to Singapore?

I only moved to Singapore for University. The food in Penang is soooo much better, but Penang is famous for its food anyway. I definitely miss having a car and the convenience of going out whenever I want. It’s also much more relaxed in Penang; the lifestyle is not as hectic as Singapore, so I really enjoy going back home. Penang is a nice place to unwind and do absolutely nothing.

What is Food Science like?

Food Science is quite interesting. People keep thinking that we do nutrition but we don’t.

So what exactly is it that you do?

For the most part, we study methods of food-processing as well as parameters that determine whether or not certain foods are safe to eat. We also explore whether or not certain things can be used to produce certain kinds of food. It’s more on the aspect of food processing rather than nutrition… We don’t actually learn about nutrition.

What CCAs are you involved in?

I’m involved in KE Band, Tennis, Hall Play Costume, Block Comm, and I was in KEWOC.

Zhi Jie, Darel 2-3.jpg

Vivien in Tennis

How’s your hall experience like so far?

I think hall is quite fun! It’s definitely better than living in a place where there are no activities; it can get quite boring if you just study all the time. But the sacrifice is that you lose time to study if you’re involved in too many activities.

Are you speaking from experience?

Not really… I try to devote as much time as I can in every CCA, but also leave enough time to study.

I heard you have a twin sister? Is she staying in King Edward VII?

No, she’s staying in Raffles Hall.

Zhi Jie, Darel 2-1.jpg

I have a twin sister!

I was quite shocked when I found out you have a twin sister!

Yeah a lot of people are when they find out… I don’t really go around telling people “Oh hey, I have a twin!”

How do people usually find out that you have a twin sister?

They realize I don’t wave back… But my sister and I agreed that the rule of thumb is to just wave back. If we see someone waving and we think the person is waving at us but we have no idea who the person is, we just smile and wave. We refrain from saying anything to save the trouble of having to explain the entire situation.

Rumor has it that when you and your sister touch, the fabric of space-time rips apart. Do you have any comments about that?

I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way.

So how does it work?

People keep asking us if we have telepathy but… We tried to do this online test to check if we have telepathy and we failed it…

What is one aspect that you and your twin sister are very different at, besides your interest in studies?

My sister is in Band, Ensemble, and Softball, so I guess the only difference between us is that I’m in Tennis and she’s in Softball. I think we have a lot of similar interests because growing up, our mum used to send us for all the same activities. I guess it was really surprising that we ended up doing different courses for University.

Why did you choose to stay in KE instead of being in Raffles with your sister?

Initially, we had the perception that NUS was really big so we thought “oh okay, I’ll just stay here because KE is closer to Science and she’ll stay in Raffles because it’s nearer to Engineering.” And then we realized “Oh NUS is really not that big.” But I made my own group of friends and I have my own activities and commitments in KE, so I just preferred to stay on, and it was the same for her.

What is your biggest takeaway from hall life?

Be involved. In my opinion, you’ll regret being less involved than being more involved in hall. There’s really so much that you can learn from hall and this is speaking from experience. You learn how to take responsibility for a lot of things, even if you’re just a normal member because I think attending is the most basic aspect of responsibility. All the different activities give such great exposure and you gain some really great experiences being a part of them.

Zhi Jie, Darel 2-5.jpg

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