Faces of KE: Kok Liang

Written by: Gerald Lim

Edited by: Cheryl Tan

Meet Choo Kok Liang, our in-house nice guy who is also vice-president in this year’s JCRC.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Kok Liang, and I am a Year Two student majoring in economics. I’ve been in KE since the previous academic year when I entered as a freshman. I play both the cello and tennis.

Copy of FOKE_KOK_LIANG-2627

Kok Liang, our JCRC VP for this academic year


Is there anything else?

Well, people generally find me to be older than I actually am. Why don’t you guess how old I am?

Well, since you put it that way, I guess you’re 21?

Guess again.

Hmm, I don’t know…19? 

Yep, I’m 19 going on 20!

In fact, there was once just after finishing a lecture, one of my profs was clarifying doubts and answering students’ questions at the front of the LT. As I approached him, he started packing his stuff. To my surprise (and horror), he actually thought I was the next lecturer…

Yup, my average ‘age’ is 25……sighs…

Copy of FOKE_KOK_LIANG-2657

Kok Liang, our talented cellist, who is not as old as you think he is


Perhaps your apparent seniority made you a suitable candidate for JCRC. Care to share with us why you applied?

Last year I was blessed to have the opportunity to be the project director of NUS Chingay’s Contingent. It was really an eye-opening experience for me as I got to meet and work with people from all the different halls in NUS. Even though it was not easy, I found it really meaningful to be able to be able to lead a team and motivate people towards achieving a common goal. I felt that Year 2 was the right time to be involved in the hall activities, and I wanted to be meaningfully engaged in making a difference in the lives of our residents. That’s why I ultimately decided to apply for the JCRC.

Copy of FOKE_KOK_LIANG-2649

Kok Liang, hard at work

I hear that you are a Malaysian right?

Yes, yes I am.

Well how do you find you experience of living independently in KE so far?

It’s really great so far, good training to manage your own life independently for the future. I find that it is really good that I am stepping out of my comfort zone, as I have always been used to being close to my family and my home town. After all, we are going to join the workforce soon in a few short years! Having said that, I am really grateful to have found this community – it’s like my second home – a home (rather far) away from home!

Copy of FOKE_KOK_LIANG-2626

KE, a home away from home

Any advice for your juniors?

Well since you are in hall already, make full use of the opportunities that are extended to you to explore and develop yourself. If you are eager to try something new or create something, but require support from the hall, do let us or your friendly RFs know. We will do our best to help in any way we can. And we really hope to see you support Team KE in the upcoming IHG!

Last question. I hear that you have a fan club.

*Taken aback*

Nope… Errr… No fan club whatsoever. If you hear of any… Well, I guess it’s illegal…

Copy of FOKE_KOK_LIANG-2627 (1)

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