Faces of KE: Wen Hao

Written by: Tan Zhe Ren

Edited by: Cheryl Tan

It was a humid windless night as KEPress sat down with CD Block head Lau Wen Hao, a man of unparalleled greatness but very few words, to find out a little more about him!

Tell us a little more about yourself

Wenhao: Well, I’m a second year in computing and this is my second year in KE. I entered KE as a freshman.

Wow. Isn’t computing a little far from KE? Why KE?

Wenhao: *Laughs* Okay actually this is a really funny story. When I went for the open day before matriculating, I didn’t know that there were differences between halls. I thought all the halls pretty much offered the same things. I heard about NUS’s inefficient ISB system before I came so when I heard KE ambassadors saying that KE is the only hall that is beside a bus terminal and so I definitely can get on the bus, I decided to pick KE as my first choice.


So now I’m sure you know the differences in the halls. What made you stay on in KE?

Wenhao: *Laughs* Yes of course. Even though I applied to KE not knowing about its culture, I really enjoyed my first year in KE. I’ve made many friends and had a lot of memorable experiences in KE which is why I decided to stay on!

What CCAs do you participate in in KE?

Wenhao: Last year I participated in Handball, Basketball, OCIP Laos and Block Com. This year I’m involved in OCIP Laos, Handball, Block Com. I am also in IVP Taekwondo. I would have liked to continue in basketball but because of IVP and my responsibilities as block head, I had to give basketball up. *looks forlorn*


How did you take up the responsibility of being block head?

Wenhao: I had a lot of fun being in block committee last year, so when the opportunity came to me to take over the position of block head, I was happy to accept the responsibility. I wanted to bring to the C and D blockers the same level of enjoyment and fun that I experienced!

How would you describe your experience as block head thus far?

Wenhao: I would have to say that it has been fulfilling. Seeing how CD blockers form stronger bonds and coming down for block events make all the hard work put in all worth it.


Do you have any memorable incidents in KE thus far?

Wenhao: *Pauses* Well, this is not exactly a good memorable incident, but it is memorable nonetheless! During Handball IHG last year I spent more time off court than on court because I kept getting sent off. But I was a freshie and I didn’t know the rules so I would come on, commit a bad foul, and be sent off. I’ll do much better this year.

Just one?

Wenhao: There’s too many! Okay one more. Last year during D&D, Nelson, Dominic and I dressed in suspenders and long socks. It was really fun doing silly things together with close friends and it is definitely one of the more memorable incidents I have had in KE.

Anything else you want to say?

Wenhao: To my fellow CD blockers, I hope that you all are enjoying your time in both hall, and CD so far! We have a little over a semester left and I hope that everyone can take the opportunities this coming semester to form stronger friendships and come down for future hall and block events!


Photo Credits: KE Vision

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