Faces of KE – Jerrard Williams

Written by Gerald Lim

Edited by Cheryl Tan

Wow, isn’t it Deepavali today? Why are you in hall??

It’s complicated.

My name is Jerrard Royston Williams. My surname is Williams. No, But I am not an angmoh. Don’t ask me why. Even my dad is unsure why we have such a surname. All he tells me is that I should be privileged to have such a unique surname (I actually have both Chinese and Indian blood, there could be more somewhere but I won’t be able to tell you more *laughs*).

Oh, and I have to say this: I think my Mandarin is pretty good, especially for someone with a Chinese-Indian heritage. I bet I put some of you Chinese peeps to shame. *laughs*

To cut the long-story short, I’m Chinese-Indian (Chindian), speak Chinese and I don’t celebrate Deepavali.


No, he does not celebrate Deepavali

I hear that you like to do a lot of sports. Tell me more about it.

One thing that I am famous for is being super injury prone. From time to time, you might see me limping on one leg, having an ankle or knee guard on. The most serious injury I had this year was during a soccer match in IFG where I got sent to the A&E due to a collision against an opposing striker and came out with crutches. In spite of people telling me to cut down on the number of sports I do or stop it altogether, it is the way I feel that I can contribute to KE as I express myself best in it. To all my concerned friends reading this: Yes, I will take care of myself and try not to get injured as often from now on!


Soccer is how Jerrard best expresses himself

What were your CCAs last year?

Last year, I was in floorball, handball, soccer, road relay, block committee, OCIP Cambodia and was the head of Amplitude.

This year, I am in the logistics team for KEWOC. I’m also the captain for Road Relay and Vice-Head of Amplitude. I stayed on in floorball and handball. Also, I joined touch rugby this year! All my sports involve running. What can I say? Indians love to run!

I hear that you are the captain for soccer. Tell us more about it.

In the team, I am the goalkeeper. Most people prefer to be either the striker or midfielder. But I prefer to play as the goalie. Scoring does feel good. But to me, the feeling of preventing other people from scoring is even sweeter.

As for the KE soccer team, I know that we can most certainly do better for IHG this year. Sure, we did not fare so well last time round, we even got thumped 9-0 by Eusoff Hall. Honestly, it was one of the most embarrassing game I was ever a part of, but I took it on the chin and moved forward from that. This year, we will be going against Eusoff Hall in the first round again. I find this to be most interesting as we have some unfinished business with them. However, I have high hopes as the profile of this year’s team is very different from last year’s. We have twice the number of players we had last year, and also our team this year is very enthusiastic, from the seniors that stayed on with me and also our awesome freshies that joined us this year!!)

I understand that you have acquired the nickname ‘The Dark Knight’. Care to elaborate a little more on that? 

That phrase came about just after IBG last year when I was a freshie. Shervin, our assistant honorary secretary with this year’s JCRC, nicknamed me the ‘Dark Knight’ as he felt that I could be found almost anywhere and everywhere (especially true at night). (Yes, I am well aware that it does seem to have a racist connotation.) But I think it is indeed reflective of how I manage my hall life. I do consider myself to be rather nocturnal (sleeping at 4.30am more often that I should). I work best at night.


The ‘Dark Knight’ in action

If there’s one piece of advice that you could give your juniors, what would it be?

Try out stuff that you have never done before while continuing to do the things that you are comfortable with, because it is the stuff we love to do that will keep us going. University is probably the last time we have the space and opportunity to explore different interests. For myself, I did something I would never expect to do last year – being a contestant at last year’s dinner and dance. It was quite challenging for me as I am not really good at dancing. It was quite a chore for me. (Sorry KE Dance peeps *laughs*). On hindsight, I think I learnt a lot about myself and how I work with others in situations that I am not so comfortable in.

One last question – what is something that you really treasure about your time in KE?

That would most certainly be the people. One special group of people would be our admin support staff, such as Jacky and Wei Fuen. They are part of our KE Family. And they are also part of the reason why I settled down so well in KE after I first moved in. I am really thankful to have them here as part of the KE Family. Even though Wei Fuen keeps chasing me for hall fees *laughs*. Every day after coming back from school, I will go to office to have a quick chat with them, to hear some funny stories of the day or to seek a break from the mundanity of studying. They look out for me and I look out for them, just like family. This is something I find that really adds value to my stay here. So maybe, you guys can do that too! Try to have more conversations with our hall’s support staff, our 5 wonderful RFs and as well as Hall Master! Trust me, they will really add more value into our lives, just like how they did to mine and for so many of my peers!


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