Faces of KE: Sarah Yeo

Written by: Shannon Goh
Edited by: Sarah Cheng

Sarah Full Res-1

Sarah Yeo, F Block Head

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m the F block head this year, I was the KEWOC Programmes head for the last camp, I’m also in Touch Rug, Volleyball and Design… So I just have these four CCAs this year.

Describe your hall life in one word, and why.

Fun? Okay, that’s a bit anti-climactic… Let me think of a better one.

Eye-opening? Is that… less anti-climactic? I’m trying out a lot of things that I have never done before. Last time, I used to be in the same sport for six years, but, when I came here, I’ve been in a lot of committees, and I have been trying other sports as well. So, it’s definitely been an eye-opening experience.

How is it like being the F block head?

I thought that it would be very difficult, I thought that I would feel stressed out every day – being in charge of over a hundred people. But I think it’s quite good? It’s not easy, but not bad…


Yeah, fulfilling. And because I’m really not doing everything – I have my block comm to help – I have my “minions” to split the tasks… There will be different people doing different stuff, so I don’t really have to do everything, I just supervise.

Tell us about something interesting that has happened around hall, something that has really etched itself into your memory.

Oh my God… I guess D&D? I had to run for pageant. That was definitely different and not what I had expected at all! But it was quite fun… I mean, because I would never, ever, ever imagine myself in a pageant… contest? It’s definitely something that I’ll remember.

Do you have any advice for juniors experiencing hall life for the first time?

Hmm… Go big or go home. Like, to try anything that they can – anything that they never got a chance to do or something that they have an interest in. Since this is technically your last time in school… It’s quite scary when you think that, in a few years’ time, you’ll already be working and you can’t have fun anymore. I mean, it’ll be harder to have fun, especially if you’re working in some 9-5 job where you only get nights and weekends off. So this is the last period you can get to try new things, have fun and experience… everything! So… go big or go home, just try everything you can, and make the most out of it.

Okay… The last question is from another F-blocker.

Oh God…

How are things like between you and your vice-block head?

No comment! I’m not going to answer that! I knew it was going to come up, I just knew it. Nooo… Is that even valid? Is that question even allowed? Nooooo. I mean, there’s nothing? No. No. I mean, we just happen to have a lot of common CCAs… Oh man, I knew this question was going to come up. We’re just friends, who happen to have many CCAs together, and yes. Full stop. Just friends.

Sarah Full Res-18

Yep, not suspicious at all…

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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