Night of the Arts – Part I

Written by: Dorothy

Edited by: Shabira

Night of the Arts took place on the 22nd of October, a quiet and quaint Thursday night. The communal hall was dimmed and decorated with disco lights that bounced off rows of chairs. The mood and atmosphere was definitely in accordance to the theme of the night – Blast from the Past.

KEVII has a myriad of performing arts CCAs, and they, as well as some musically talented individuals, took the chance to showcase their flair and hard work on the spotlighted stage, while their fellow residents cheered and supported them. A booth was set up outside the hall, where they sold flowers that one could buy for the performers as a gesture of support. By the intermission, a good handful of the performers were clutching bouquets – tokens for a show well performed.

The night kicked off with the emcees introducing the first act, a classical piece by the KEnsemble. The beautiful harmony of violins, cellos and various other string instruments filled the air of the hall, gripping the hearts of the crowd and sending chills to them. The songs were composed by our very own talented hall mates, and judging by the loud applause at the end, they were very well received.

Yu Jin’s brave solo act

Yu Jin’s brave solo act

Following the KEnsemble was Yu Jin from GH Block, who performed his personal rendition of a Spanish classic, Recuerdos de I’ Alhambra, with his trusty classical guitar. GH Blockers gave him a loud cheer after his brave and interesting performance, clearly proud of their block mate. Surely it was no easy feat to perform a Spanish classic song, but he did it excellently.

Band rocking it up!

Band rocking it up!

Next up was the much anticipated KE Band, playing covers of songs from different genres. 6 bands showcased their calibre by adding their own personal touch to popular classic songs such as Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden and Paranoid by Black Sabbath. One band even had a sing along segment where the audience belted out the chorus in unison with the singers on stage. It was indeed, a very intimate and interactive performance.

pic 3 (1)

Spectators watching intently at the performance in front of them

Following KE Band was Xinyao, which saw both local and foreign counterparts singing their hearts out in Chinese. They covered a total of 10 songs, one of which happened to be Dr. Chen’s wedding song. Being an enthusiastic sport, Dr. Chen got up on stage and sang his wedding song with the Xinyao performers. He performed with a keen sense of nostalgia which earned him a standing ovation from the crowd.

Choir was the last act to perform before the intermission, and they performed a lovely medley of songs from the childhood hit High School Musical, as well as a haunting rendition of Esta Tierra that captivated the hearts of the audience.

Time for good food!

Time for good food!

Intermission saw both performers and spectators alike enjoying the provided supper with much gusto and enthusiasm as they anticipated the next part of the programme, where dance, cheer, drama and wushu would make their debut.

Credits to KE Vision for the photos

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