Anybody Can Date – East Wing Supper

Written By: Ellora Chua

Edited By: Gabriel Lim

Anybody Can Date – East Wing Supper

While some East Wing residents put in considerable effort in decorating doors, others settled on the simplicity of asking “Do you want to be my date?”; all for the East Wing Supper themed “Anybody Can Date”.

The two-and-a-half-week long “courtship”, which began on the last week of September, culminated in the numerous ABCD blockers being matched up and turning up with their special someone for the supper. An overwhelming number of the couples present coordinated their various attires in one way or another; be it through matching t-shirts or colour-coordinated outfits.

Did she use a tissue packet to chope him?

Did she use a tissue packet to chope him?

Time to do some experiments!

Time to do some experiments!

The AB and CD block committee members had thoughtfully prepared a simple yet satisfying supper just for the occasion. The East Wing residents were treated to a sumptuous spread of diced sausages, scrambled eggs, and springy, flavourful fried Maggie Mee.

Staying true to the supper’s theme, which was dating, the committee members injected some romantic zest to each resident’s meal by spicing it up with bright, pink hues of rose agar and syrup.  There were also cut up fruits available – watermelon, melon and apples – to clean the residents’ palates and end the supper on a light but sweet note.


As the supper crowd started to mingle with one another, with conversations and other forms of self-entertainment beginning to spring up, the organisers kicked off the games.

To kick-start the night’s activities, the first game was a crossword puzzle that truly tested the cooperation between couples. It was a race against time as only the first five couples that submitted their completed crossword puzzles were entitled to a prize. Containing idioms such as “a stich in time saves nine” and random phrases such as “pet hotel”, the crossword puzzle induced much frantic counting of letters and frenzied searching of phrases on Google as the couples scrambled to be the first to complete the crossword puzzle.

What's that word?

What’s that word?

The second game allowed couples (and residents) the opportunity to get to know each other better. Participants were each given one question, and would have to guess the answer of their partner to the question before their partner reveals the answer. If the answers matched, participants were allowed to reward themselves with a bite of out of their Pepero cookie stick.


What are you looking at?

Boisterous laughter and raucous chatter saturated the dining hall till the end of the supper.

Kudos to the organisers for a night filled with good food and good fun! What more can we ask for?


All photographs courtesy of KE Vision

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