Faces Of KE: Samantha Goh


Q: Tell me about your Hall experience.

I really enjoy hall life. It teaches me to be independent. At home, plenty of things get done for you. Here, I have to do things for myself. Also, I really enjoy the community in hall. Individual CCAs have their own communities, and so does the block system. I’ve made plenty of close friends in my CCAs and block. This year, my friends and I actually gathered and stayed together in one block. In Year 1, my parents were worried that I would not be able to cope with all the hall activities, hence I stayed in Prince Georges’ Park Residences. It was terribly boring, and I popped over to KEVII hall every opportunity I got. I attended all the events, and even came to the dining hall in the morning on the way to school!

Q: What commitments have you taken up in hall this year?

Well, I’m still in Hall Play, and in Dance until Night of the Arts (NOTA) ends. Also, I’m a rather small member of KE Vision! -laughs- For Hall play, I’m the Publicity Head in the steering committee; I do the posters, the banners and T-Shirts. You’ll be seeing the posters around hall really soon! I’m also dancing two items in NOTA, which will be held next Thursday (22nd October) in the communal hall.

Q: I heard that you were involved in hall play last year as well. Tell me more about it.

I was the Production Manager last year, and I handled the people in charge of lights and sounds and the stage crew. These were the people who were involved backstage on the day of the performance itself. I also made sure that I set an adequate timeline to follow, especially during intensive practices in November.

Q: Why did you join hall play last year?

-Laughs- Well, I master listed in year 2 and agreed to take on the role of Production Manager, among others. I’ve come to realise how meaningful it is. Before last year, I had never taken on such a big project before. It was definitely not a bed of roses. There were plenty of hiccups that had to be ironed out along the way. At the end of it all, as I embrace challenges, that experience was very satisfactory. This year, I’m back to help them out. The residents can look forward to a very good play this year too!


Q: How has your Hall Dance experience been?

Well, I joined dance last year. I really enjoyed it, as it is a very close knit community. Everybody knows everybody, be it senior or junior. The friendships and ties are great! It helps when we embarrass ourselves together during practice while trying out new moves. -laughs- Last year, our resident hall choreographer came in and taught us Hip-Hop. Also, our members choreograph items as well. I tried (key word is tried) Contemporary and Street Jazz. I’m doing the same genres this year again.


Q: What else did you do last year?

Well, apart from Dance, Vision and Hall Play, I was also Vice-Head in Choir as well as the summer holidays portion of Photography. I managed to cope pretty well last year. I must say that my hall experience has been very meaningful so far, and definitely do not regret coming into KEVII hall!


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