KE7 Foosball Tournament

Written by: Amar Harith

Edited by: Gerald Lim

KE7 Foosball Tournament

On the night of 12 October, the dining hall was buzzing with activity as groups of students huddled around foosball tables. The foosball tournament provided respite from the haze and was an excellent addition to our post-midterms schedule. Underneath the facade of fun and games, this foosball tournament was definitely not to be taken lightly – prizes and bragging rights were up for grabs!

The competing teams played with much dexterity and skill, very much unlike the usual fumbling mess whenever I played foosball with my friends. Students having a late dinner at the dining hall were treated to a live coverage of the matches as the KE Media Team broadcast the matches for everyone.

Besides the typical way of elimination to decide on the winner, this year’s organizers included a wildcard for a team that lost – a losing team that picked the wildcard would be given another shot at the game.


1: Eugene from the Hall Publicity Board (HPB) explaining the rules and format of the tournament


During the group stage, one team clearly stood out. ‘The 22s’, with their star player Ryan, was tipped to win the tournament. Whispers in the crowd about how good he was at the game could be heard as the match progressed.

As the group stage came to a close, it was no surprise that ‘The 22s’ made it to the semifinals. Joining them in the semifinals were Team AX and Meepo. At this juncture, it was announced that one lucky losing team would be ‘revived’. Tension filled the air as everyone eagerly awaited the announcement of the wildcard team.

Ting Fang from the Hall Publicity Board picked a slip of paper out of a box and read the name of the lucky team – HCTT! With that, HCTT’s re-entered the fight and went against Eugene and Aaron from the Hall Publicity Board. Whoever scored seven points first would win this round.

Throughout the match, both teams showed great passion and determination. A lively game with much chatter and laughter ensued. Halfway through the game, HCTT scored a quick goal but the ever nimble Eugene performed his role as a goalie wonderfully, defending against many goal attempts.


2: Eugene (first from right): “No goal! My game, my rules.”


Perhaps this tournament was simply an excuse for Hall Publicity Board show off their skills at foosball. However, HCTT eventually prevailed and moved on to face Nonster, the second placed team from Group A.


3: Team HCTT in the heat of battle


Chuan Hao and Xue Hao from HCTT fought with utmost determination in this match. It was clear that players from both teams were highly skilled. The match was intense and fast, as the players were very focused. Unfortunately, HCTT’s fire was put out as Nonster was simply too agile for them. The match ended with Nonster beating HCTT 10-2.


4: Nonster – all smiles as they proceeded to beat HCTT


Next came the semi-finals. Two matches took place simultaneously. At the first table, the second placed team from group B, Meepo, was pitted against the first placed team from group A, 22s. Nonster faced AX at the other table. As time was running short, the referee ruled that the first team to score seven points would win.

With two exciting matches taking place at the same time, I had a hard time deciding which to watch. In due course, I decided to take a closer look at the match between The 22s and Meepo, especially since The 22s were tipped to take home the first prize. During the game, the tension between these teams was palpable. Both teams had their fair share of supporters cheering them on. Starting off with cheers of “Go Meepo!” and “Come on guys!” the crowd soon faded into quiet whispers, echoing the silence and concentration that is showed between the players. In the end, Meepo gained significant ground and ultimately won the game 7-4. As the final results were announced, quite a number in the crowd remained silent, surprised that The 22s lost. Others however were clapping and were overjoyed that Meepo was going to the finals. At the other table, AX proved to be too strong an adversary for Nonster.


5: The 22s


Before the finals began, the organisers passed around slips of paper to the spectators. Supporters were asked to vote who they thought the winner would be – a special lucky draw prize would be awarded to one lucky individual who made a correct prediction. Seeing how Meepo defeated their previous opponent, I thought it would be wise to join the Meepo camp. The Meepo team consisted of Leo, Sue and Yik Sheng and there were up against AX, with Albert and Pheng Ang as members. These two teams have managed to beat almost all their opponents on the way to the finals. AX scored first in the opening minutes of the game, but Meepo soon equalised the score. With a stunning exhibition of dexterity, Team Meepo scored another goal to take the lead. Not to be outdone, AX moved the ball from side to side to find gaps between their opponent’s defences. Using the smallest of gaps, AX managed to score. It was truly a great foosball game between two heavyweights from KE7. However, AX was clearly one notch up, and the game ended with AX beating Meepo 10-5.


6: Team members from Meepo and AX showing great camaraderie and sportsmanship


As the tournament came to a close, members from Team Meepo and AX shook hands, thanking each other for the great game of foosball. Despite not having performed as well as they had expected in the final game, Team Meepo was gracious enough to accept that AX had won. Regardless of the results, both teams played brilliantly and were worthy opponents, and for that, they could both stand tall and proud. AX’s name was later heard over the megaphone and there was a round of applause for the champions as they went on stage to collect their prize. The name of the lucky draw prize winner was also announced, and Sarah from Block F won a hamper of assorted snacks. To conclude the event, the organisers thanked everyone for their support and the teams for participating. Kudos to the Hall Publicity Board organising the foosball tournament and ensuring that it ran so smoothly!


7: Lucky draw winner Sarah collecting her prize


88: Runner-up Meepo


99: The deserving champions AX


1010: The organising committee from HPB, consisting of members Ting Fang, Joshua, Aaron and Eugene (left to right)

 All photos courtesy of KE Vision’s Ling Shin.

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