Faces of KE: Long Shi Qiang, CD Vice-Block Head


Written by Gerald Lim

Edited by Cheryl Tan

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

‘Some people think that watching scary movies are a waste of time and energy, but I love going to the cinema to watch them with friends!’

How has your appointment as CD vice head changed your hall experience?

‘Being CD vice-head has been challenging, but also, a refreshing experience. What I value most about being the vice-head is the relationships that I build with other members of the KE Community – be it the heads of other CCAs, residents of CD, or even the hall administration and our friendly RFs! It’s really inspiring to work with seniors who have graduated and learn from them; we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Oh, and I have to add that my cooking skills have improved from one supper to another!’


What keeps you going as the block vice-head?

‘After experiencing a year as a freshman at KE7, I was really grateful for the effort that the seniors put in to make our lives in KE7 a more enjoyable one, and also how welcoming they were. I wanted my juniors and my peers to have the same experience this year, hence my decision to serve as the vice-head. I think that being the vice-head enables me to make a significant difference in the day-to-day life of CD blockers, and this is what keeps me going as the vice-head.’

Tell us something about a CCA you have joined so far.

‘Well, it’s wonderful to be able to make use of the opportunities given to us in KE7 to explore our interests and try out novel things. Despite having no prior experience in professional photography, I decided to move out of my comfort zone and joined KE Vision (KEVII’s photography society) last year when I first came to KE7. Being an amateur, I did not know much about how to properly take a photo – when taking photos, I tend to use auto mode. -laughs-  All this changed when I joined KE Vision.’


What is something you have taken away from your time in KE Vision so far?

‘KE Vision has provided me with many opportunities for me to develop myself into a professional photographer. Not only had we the opportunity to upgrade our photography skills, I was also given plenty of chances to try out photography professionally. During my summer break earlier this year, I went for a professional photography course with KE Vision, where I learnt a number of very interesting things about photography – from learning how to capture memories from different perspectives, to editing (good for removing pimples!), to even something seemingly simple such as approaching strangers on the street to capture a precious moment that if not for a photographer, would be lost. More importantly, KE Vision allows me to do what I enjoy with a group of like-minded friends. My experience is one that has been truly fruitful and enriching.’

What advice would you give your juniors who are just beginning to have a taste of life in KE7?

‘Work hard but at the same time, play hard. University is not only about studying and excelling academically. Not too long ago, I had a short conversation with my cousin, who is a final year student at one of Singapore’s local universities. One of her greatest regrets is not having been more actively involved in university life. The KEVII experience is also part of your education as a student and enriches it. Treasure it and make the most of it. Make more friends in hall. Don’t always stay in your room HAHA. There is a time and place for everything. Granted, the pace of life in university is very fast – in the blink of an eye, finals will be just around the corner. However, as I like to say in Chinese, studying ’不是一切’ (or to put it less succinctly in English, ‘is not everything’). We must not forget that it is very important to also learn how to develop meaningful relationships with the people around us. You never know when your paths may cross in the future. That person you saw just now in CCA might be your roommate next year. He (or she) could be your colleague in future. Ultimately, you are in control of your own hall experience – you decide how your hall life should be like.’


All photos courtesy of KE Vision

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