IBG Touch Rugby ‘15

IBG Touch Rugby ‘15

Screams of “touch!” filled the communal hall as players from all blocks gathered for IBG touch rugby. Ah, touch rugby, rugby football’s gentler cousin.

AB vs GH

AB’s combative advances from the get-go made GH’s movements seem relaxed in comparison. The game went on rather calmly, with members of each team tangoing back and forth with their opposition counterparts. During the half time, the referees admitted that they were more than a little lenient with the rules. However, that all changed in the second half as the sound of shrill whistles could be heard more often.


在这里有一群热爱戏剧,热爱合作,热爱创新的小伙伴,他们用自己的热血和智慧,在台前台前台后尽情施展自己的才华。 除了一些hall里的短剧表演,KE Chinese drama总会在学校的University Culture Center 为全新加坡呈现出一场高质量的舞台剧。精美的服装,高端的道具,变换的灯光,KECD总会带来不一样的惊喜;尽职尽责的幕后,挥洒自如的演员,醉心观赏的观众,KECD总会呈现全新的体验。