Malaysia Night – 马来文化小品

Written by: Yan Xiaoxuan Edited by: Zhu Ming

笔者刚刚走进common hall, 就被右手边传来的不绝于耳的笑声吸引住了目光:几个小伙伴在疯狂的把自己的人字拖甩向两米外的围墙……这别出一格的举动掉起了笔者的好奇心:究竟在干什么还能玩的那么开心?定睛一看:slipper game!细细思忖来,这应该是马来西亚游戏文化中的亮点,才会出现在这里!

Faces of KE: Juniper Thang

Written by: Nadine Febrinka Edited by: Shervin Lim “How do you find [hall life] so far?” J: “I think it’s very fun; it’s so much better than JC which is just life-depriving. In uni you have freer days; you can study in the afternoon and play in the evening. That’s what I like about hall.…