IBG Touch Rugby ‘15

Written By: Ellora Chua

Edited By: Gabriel Lim

IBG Touch Rugby ‘15

Screams of “touch!” filled the communal hall as players from all blocks gathered for IBG touch rugby. Ah, touch rugby, rugby football’s gentler cousin.

AB vs GH

AB’s combative advances from the get-go made GH’s movements seem relaxed in comparison. The game went on rather calmly, with members of each team tangoing back and forth with their opposition counterparts. During the half time, the referees admitted that they were more than a little lenient with the rules. However, that all changed in the second half as the sound of shrill whistles could be heard more often.

Ah geez, this is heavy!

Ah geez, this is heavy!

AB was conspicuously the stronger of the two teams, but GH put up a valiant fight and finally scored a try after switching members during the half time. Perhaps the most notable occurrence during this game was that in the midst of passing the ball back and forth, the ball whooshed within a hair’s breadth between the referee and the cameraman, nearly bruising their faces.


Oops, let it slip!

Final score: AB:GH – 3:1

E vs F

The referee’s whistle blew, signaling the commencement of the match, and both teams immediately put on their game faces. The smiles that were spread wide across the participants’ faces before were now replaced by sheer focus on a singular purpose: to ground the ball over the opposition’s try line. Both teams’ advances were more belligerent in comparison to the previous match. Charlton from F Block elicited amazement from the spectators as his unmatched agility brought him zigzagging across the court, scoring a clean try. In a frenzy of touches and passing the ball, the ball was flung across the court and actually went whizzing straight into KE Vision’s camera this time! As the game went on with passes being made between team members, spectators also caught glimpses of players contorting their bodies in weird ways just to avoid being touched.


NOPE. Can’t touch this!

The half time seemed to rejuvenate team E’s competitive spirit as Ser Kai adeptly maneuvered right past his opponents unnoticed and managed to score a try. The game ended with roaring laughter as a member of F grounded the ball right before E’s try line and rolled it over the try line in attempt to save the try she had so painstakingly tried to score.

Final score: E:F – 1:3


CD vs AB

When the match between CD and AB came on, the intense atmosphere that lingered from the previous match subsided. CD brought with them a more relaxed mood, which perhaps hinted at their lack of experience with touch rugby. AB brought to the court the same intensity they exuded at their earlier match with GH, allowing the supporters and other bystanders to quickly piece out the fate of this match.

Stole your ball!

Stole your ball!

CD players, albeit confused at the rules of the game initially, managed to learn from their mistakes and continued to play with a surprisingly high level of energy. Nevertheless, AB’s constant position on the offensive left CD no choice but to stall with touches. Halfway through the game, it seemed clear who would win and despite the fight that CD put up, AB trounced CD 11 to 1.

Final score: CD:AB – 1:11

The second last night of IBG revealed many potential Touch Rug players who, despite virtually no experience with the sport before that fateful Monday night, managed to pick up the game quickly. It was truly heartening to see so many new players displaying their interest in such a niche sport. Without further delay, here are the final scores!

Block Score
AB VS GH 3:1
E VS F 1:3
CD VS AB 1:11
GH VS E 3:1
F VS CD 6:2
AB VS E 4:0
GH VS F 3:3
CD VS E 0:7
AB VS F 1:5

Rankings for touch rugby:

1st – F
2nd – AB
3rd – GH
4th – E
5th – CD

All photographs courtesy of KE Vision

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