IBG Road Relay ’15

Written By: Jesereen Kaur

Edited By: Cheryl Tan

There’s nothing like a good run to get rid of the mid-week blues and stress of looming work that never seems to end.

With that spirit, our KEVIIans gathered at the Shepherds Path for IBG road relay. (Jerrard briefed the runners on the format of the race. Each block would be represented by 3 male runners and 3 female runners. They would run in a relay manner, which meant taking turns to run a distance of 1.8km each.

At 7.30pm, the first female runners representing their blocks all blocks lined up at the starting line. With the supporters cheering for them, they took off at a steady pace. The crowd anxiously waited for their return, hoping to see their own blockers reach first.

After 10 minutes, Jia Ying (Lim) from CD reached the end point and quickly passed over to Bryce (CD). Not far off were Xin Yi (E) and Elsa (F), eager to close up the gap. It was evident that the girls had been trying to catch up with each other as seen by their profuse sweating. Shortly after that, Ting Fang (AB) and Tan Wei (GH) finished their run and passed over to their partners.

Jason (E) brought glory to E block by overtaking CD and passing over to Kai Ling (E). Similarly,  Hayden (F) managed to overtake CD to gain second place in the run at the time. Not wanting to lose their position, Bryce (CD) ran his best and came in third. Kevin (AB) and Lucas (GH) also came in after 9 minutes to pass over to their partners for the next leg of the race. It was definitely entertaining to watch Lucas (GH) run ahead of a Mercedes!

By this time, it was obvious that Kai Ling (E), Pearlyn (F) and Elisha(CD) were battling out for the title of first place. On the other hand, Rui Yan(AB) and Shabira (GH) never gave up and tried their best to close up the gap with the other blocks. It was also heartwarming to see everyone cheering for our runners, even if they were not from their own blocks.

For the next set of runners, E block continued their domination with Joshua keeping a good lead whilst Taylor (F) gave him a run for his money. Amazingly, Liang Yuh (AB) was able to overtake Yao Cong (CD) and solidify AB’s position in the third place. Additionally, Yue Feng (GH) also managed to catch up by almost 2 minutes! Impressive for one who claimed not to have run for a long time.

By the 5th runner, Yu Fei (E) and Victoria (F) managed to increase their lead and ensure their top two positions. Xiao Yun (AB) and Jia Ying (Goh) from CD tried extremely hard to finish the run. Unfortunately, the run took a toll on Jia Ying (CD) as she had trouble standing up and breathing after the run. Fortunately, our experienced runners and first-aiders helped to ensure she was ok.

For the final run, Jing Yee (E) managed to clinch the first place for road relay followed closely by Hao Yang (F) in second place. Zheng Jie (AB) came in third place. Following him, Woon Bing (CD) and Jia Jin (GH) came in fourth and fifth respectively.

The final results are as follows:

1 E
2 F
3 AB
4 CD
5 GH

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