IBG 15/16: Appreciation Supper

Written by: Sarah Cheng

Edited by: Shervin Lim

Tuesday night – the perfect midweek evening when you don’t have much work piled up yet, no meetings to rush to and, the best of all, no laundry to do. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

“Wow, it’s the first time I actually get to go to bed at a reasonable tim–“

Nah, I’m just foolin’. In KE, you never get to sleep, not when there’s supper to be had and IBG wins to be celebrated.

So off to the Dining Hall I went, like a good little girl (even though I, technically, am already allowed to vote), at 9.30 pm. The raucous cheering, that could be heard all the way from the MPC, should have thrown me off, though – the IBG finale (Netball) had not yet seen its conclusion at the time supper was supposed to have started!

Turns out, I wasn’t the only early-bird there…

Name: Van, Year 1

Tell me, why are you here so early?

V: I’m on KE Vision duty.

Did you play many sports during IBG?

V: I’m in the block comm, so I did. I played for squash, soccer, tennis, and tchoukball.

Tell me about one of the funniest moments that you witnessed with your own two eyes.

V: During a squash match, a player got ready to smack the ball with his racket, but the ball just bounced right in between his legs and he missed.

What’s the best thing about this supper right now?

V: The funky music!

photo 1

The quietest supper ever…

Indeed, supper hadn’t officially started, so we could not yet partake in the food (which I’m sure would have been the highlight of the supper had we been able to taste it at that moment). I went on in search of another interviewee…

Name: Gwyn, Year 2

Tell me, why are you here so early?

G: I’m the SMC head.

In your opinion, what was the most exciting sport in the whole of IBG?

G: Squash. It was an eye-opening experience as the turnout was better than expected and there were many people cheering on their friends who weren’t from the same block as them.

Did you get the opportunity to participate in the games?

G: No, I was injured, so I spectated instead. Every day, you see how the players learn a different sport and I really can see the potential for KE’s sports culture to grow.

What do you think is the best thing about IBG supper?

G: Honestly? It means that IBG is finally over!

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the SMC has been the most saikang (uh, very loose translation: hardworking) CCA these past few weeks. Kudos to the Sports Management Committee for planning IBG! All of you deserve a long rest.

“I haven’t slept in three days!”

“I haven’t slept in three days!”

At long last, KEVIIans started streaming into the hall and filling up seats. It was time.

First, a video by KE Motion was presented, showing highlights of the different games played during IBG, summed up in three words – “competition”, “concentrated”, and “cheerful”. I can see why our SMC head is optimistic about the growth of our sports culture – there were so many players executing glorious moves like pro athletes: terrific table tennis smashes, graceful sepak takraw kicks, and look! A spiking! [writer’s note: alternate sentence can be: I can see why our SMC head is optimistic about the growth of our sports culture – there were so many players executing glorious moves like pro athletes: terrific table tennis smashes, graceful sepak takraw kicks, merciless handball goals, you name it.]

This was followed by speeches from the Sports Director, Jia Ying, and the SMC head, Gwyn. Hearing them speak about staying up all night to make sure IBG goes smoothly really made me think about how I might have underestimated their jobs. Like, staying up till 4 am to post rankings? Respect.

Next, Dr Chen took the stage for his closing speech. When he heard about KE’s results from last year’s IHG, he wasn’t sure what to expect. But he’s seen what KE can accomplish, possessing nothing but incredible team spirit – not knowing how to play some sports, but trying anyway, and sometimes revealing hidden talent! It seems that he’s got a pretty optimistic view of our IHG prospects this year.

Ever the enthusiastic sportsman

Ever the enthusiastic sportsman

The next segment was the KENTURION BATTLE award presentation, presented by the RFs from blocks CD, E, GH, and F – Prof Dan, Prof Yu, Prof Wong, and Dr Chen respectively.

Sport Winning Block
Badminton F
Basketball GH
Floorball GH
Frisbee AB
Handball GH
Netball F
Road Relay E
Sepak Takraw CD
Soccer CD
Table Tennis F
Tchoukball GH
Tennis GH
Touch Rugby F
Squash CD
Volleyball AB

Finally, it was time to reveal the overall rankings for IBG. On the board was written the sign of the devil the scores for each block – AB standing in 4th place with 59 points, E standing in 5th place with 49 points, but the only known digits for the scores of CD, F, and GH were three 6s. What was happening?

As it turned out, it was a tactic to heighten the level of suspense in the hall full of hungry people. It was revealed that F block came in 2nd place, with a total of 65 points, CD in 3rd place, with a total of 60 points, and the new champions, GH, came in 1st with a total of 68 points, ending the two-year reign of CD [writer’s note: my memory is hazy on whether CD won in 2012 too.]

Do mine eyes deceive me? Is supper served, at long last? O happy day!

photo 4


photo 5


photo 6


photo 7

Hungry yet?

But for you, dear reader, food for the mind – my last two interviews of the night…

Name: Vivien, Year 2

Which sports did you participate in?

V: Tennis and table tennis.

What was your funniest moment in IBG?

V: My friend, Evelyn, and I didn’t know how to play table tennis, so we were just laughing with every ball served.

What’s the best thing about this supper?

V: I heard there’s otah being served, but with the length of this queue, I’m not sure if we’ll get any.

(Don’t worry, we got it in the end.)

Name: Tan Wei, Year 1

Which sports did you participate in?

TW: Badminton, tennis, netball, handball, table tennis, road relay…

(That’s, like, everything…)

What was your funniest moment in IBG?

TW: I was among the last in the first batch of runners, and I think I contributed to my block’s position as last place…

What was the most exciting sport?

TW: Badminton. I’m good at that.

photo 8

See you at IBG 16/17!

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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