IBG 15/16: Floorball

Written by: Amar Harith

Edited by: Cheryl Tan

IBG 15/16: Floorball

With goalposts arranged at both ends of the court and tables aligned as makeshift boards, the stage was set for a game of floorball – or what I like to call ”less scary” hockey.  Floorball is played with a plastic ball and floorball sticks made out of carbon composites, which makes the equipment lighter and less dangerous. As a result, you are less likely to get hurt but the pace of the game can be frenetic. For this IBG event, each team would send 4 outfield players with a ‘mini goalpost’ acting as a stand-in goalkeeper.

It was 7.00 pm on a Wednesday evening. A sizeable group of hall residents convened in the communal hall to battle it out and cheer for their respective blocks. Behind the stage curtains, a kind soul serenaded us with piano tunes while each block clashed for the honours of IBG.

floorball and piano goes together like chalk and cheese

E vs GH Guys

First Half

For the first one and a half minutes, the guys from GH laid on a lot of pressure, forcing the E team to be on the defence. But one thing was certain; the guys from E block were very comfortable with the ball, showing slick passing and deft ball control, albeit in their own half. As the game progressed, the E team begun to show greater signs of aggression as they attacked with purpose. Though the GH team put on a resolute defence, the deadlock was finally broken by a stray ball that headed towards their goal and tumbled into the net. It was not long after that that the second goal arrived in an individual moment of brilliance from E block’s Wei Chen. Charging down the right flank, he swooped in behind the goal and hooked the ball in, to the amazement of both supporters and players. For those uninitiated residents (including me), such a move was considered almost impossible.

Team Talk: “Look guys if we score more than the opponent, then we will win. Simple.”

Halftime Score: 2-0

Second Half

The second half began with fervour as the GH guys went after every ball that was cleared in the hopes of getting an encouraging goal. In their eagerness, the GH team appeared to have neglected their safety and the rules of the game, as some guys slipped and fell and fouls were called for ‘high stick”. However, both teams never forsook their sportsmanlike conduct as apologies were exchanged and concern was shown. The E block guys even stopped playing to allow a member from the GH team to get back to his feet, a fitting reminder to the hall residents that while we were fighting for the glory of our block, we were all still part of a big family. Towards the end of the match, the man in the zone, Wei Chen, showed pinpoint accuracy by scoring from the half way line.

Wei Chen showing that he is a ‘strong independent floorball player who don’t need no team’ (star player Wei Chen showing his expertise)

Fulltime Score: 3-0

F vs AB Girls

First Half

The game started out frantic and stayed that way for most of the match as both sides swung their sticks at anything that moved. What the girls lacked in skill, they more than made up for it in enthusiasm and energy. 1 minute in and the AB girls were trying to clear the ball out of their own half. However, they mistakenly gave possession to the F team in a dangerous position. F team pounced on their opponent’s error and coolly guided the ball into the net. Hoping to turn things around, a few supporters from AB block cried out generic cheers of “go AB!” But generic as they were, the cheers must have magically helped as almost immediately after that, AB scored with aplomb, sending their supporters into frenzy. AB’s Zhao Ming made himself heard with his yelling of “yeah!” that was verging on a battle cry.


Halftime Score: 1-1

Second Half

The start of the second half saw girls from both teams screaming for very different reasons when the ball almost rolled into F team’s net, only to be cleared at the last moment. The girls in blue, spurred on by that goal line clearance, were close to leveling the score with a shot headed towards goal. And it would have been a goal, if not for the heroics of the “mini goalpost”. AB girls though, sensing an opportunity for a counterattack, launched on an offensive and scored with lightning-quick movement. Despite the setback, the girls from F block showed great perseverance and never once admitted defeat. Their tenacity paid off when the girls equalised in the dying moments of the game.

The ‘mini goalpost’ was always a dependable goalkeeper

Fulltime Score: 2-2

CD vs F Guys

First Half

The first half started with the guys representing CD blocks keeping a very compact shape, which stifled their opponent’s attack through the middle. The guys from F block were left with no choice but to play the ball along the flanks and in their own half. Undeterred by CD’s disciplined defending, the guys from F block showed that they had other skills in their repertoire. Instead of bringing the ball forward, F team made a tactical decision to pass the ball around the halfway line, looking for a gap in the defence to let one fly in. When they did find that opening, it took a peach of a shot from one of the guys in the F team – scoring by shooting from deep inside his own half.

Can’t touch this

Halftime Score: 0-1

Second Half

CD meant business from the way they started the second half as they attacked with full force. Every CD player wanted to be part of the attack, but the attack did not come to fruition and they were quickly forced to go on the defence. Once again, they opted to keep the compact shape, and their F block counterparts were left with no choice but to take potshots from afar. CD’s defence was again undone by the masterly performance shown from the guys from F block as an attack down the flank resulted in a goal.

Fulltime Score: 0-2

CD guys not giving up

Guys Final Scores:

Block AB CD E F GH
AB 2-0 1-0 1-1 0-1
CD 0-2 1-2 0-2 0-0
E 0-1 2-1 3-1 3-0
F 1-1 2-0 1-3 0-5
GH 1-0 0-0 0-3 5-0

Girls Final Scores:

Block AB CD E F GH
AB 1-2 0-1 2-2 0-3
CD 2-1 1-0 3-1 1-2
E 1-0 0-1 0-1 0-5
F 2-2 1-3 1-0 0-2
GH 3-0 2-1 5-0 2-0

Despite the event taking place in week 3 with schoolwork piling up and tutorials well under way, many residents still took time off their books and laptops to participate in IBG. On the court, residents fought determinedly for glory, but off it, it was all smiles and laughter as residents saw the event as a time to build camaraderie. Credit should be given to the floorball team and SMC for organizing the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly.

All photos courtesy of KE Vision

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