IHG 14/15: Faces of KE (2)

[ The writer has recently unearthed this gem from the recesses of KE Press’ drafts and decided to release it as the sequel to the original IHG 14/15: Faces of KE. The article was written 6 months ago. ]

Written by: Shervin Lim

Edited by: Sarah Cheng

Happy, sha la la, I’m on faces of KE, sha la la.

The Inter-Hall Games are finally over and next week we can all go back to leading normal lives, having ample sleep and actually getting down to doing our tutorials. Sports and studies aside, we should not forget to admire the faces that have represented us before the other halls during these trying times. Once again, this article warrants a disclaimer that it was written in jest and none should take offence for any of its content. What the reader should feel, however, is aptly illustrated below:


All good reactions to have.


1: Frisbee (M/F)

There is something about the sun, the field and a lightweight UFO-shaped disk that makes Frisbee players naturally charming, and even more photogenic. The instinct I had going through that album was to keep my finger on the download button, because everyone looked remarkable, Perhaps it is easier to simply show you what I saw.


No unsexy way to throw or catch a frisbee.

After a review of our dashing Honourable Guy Shuchin (HGS), Science Bash finalist Jason Yuen, dark knight Eugene Hsu, Frisbee Captain Raga and apprentice Xian Zhi, along with GH Block’s Vice Head Tommy, I concluded that Faces of KE, being plural in nature, could afford to put them all on display, and for good reason. But then came the dilemma of the girls as well, for which the final decision was to have them all represented.


Featuring the potentially Powerpuff trio of Michelle, Yining and Huimin.


2: Softball (M/F)

Softball, on the other hand, seemed more masculine in nature (I mean, you couldn’t argue otherwise if the opposition was holding a bat). And for the guys, two contenders, both pinnacles of masculinity, emerged. The first one needs no introduction, other than the single mention of his name: Isaac Chay.


Everybody wants his babies chaybies.

And hailing from the same faculty was co-captain Kelvin Lim. If all our doctors looked this good, I’m sure everyone will be dying to fall sick every other day. (An additional feature of his room-mate / fellow doctor Fu Kang follows.)


“Hi, I give out MC.” (Medical certificate or man-candy, hmm.)


“This is where I wash my lab coat.”

But that is not all that we have in softball, for on the other end of the spectrum comes ‘Spanish’ adventurer Dorie the Explorie. No mountain is too high and no river is too wide for this explorer, as long as she has her trusty bag-pack softball glove. Watch out Swiper, that softball is something you will not be swiping.


We are looking for Diego. Can you tell Dorie where to find Diego?


3: Squash (M/F)

A unnamed member of KE Press has confessed her undying admiration for De Sheng‘s ‘naturally sculpted shoulders’ (Anon, 2015). I shall leave the jury duty to the readers along with some nice photos courtesy of KE Vision.


“Why they don’t give me singlet for Squash?”

As for the girls of Squash we have JCRC vice-president and wife of KE Vision Head, Jessica Tan (Ms.). Just look at her firm grip on the racquet and those toned legs, and you will know not to make her angry (or face the wrath of the fiery Mr. and Mrs. Lim, and forever have your unglam photos on Facebook).


“I’m smiling on the inside. I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.” – Victoria Beckham


4: Swimming

Golden is the colour of this year’s F Block female pageant finalist and KE swimmer Sarah Yeo. Look at those canoeist arms plough their way through the water and you will realize that it is probably wise to reside in her good books.


Watermelon (我的美人).

Returning for the second time in the article is Honourable Guy Shuchin (HGS) and his Baywatch-worthy pose, to which he has remarked, ‘Where’s that photo? I need to like it.’ He would also like you to know that he is extremely proud of his baby blue trunks and the only trunks he would trade them for are the crescent/star-inspired trunks worn by the national water polo team.


“I do the breast stroke.”


5. Sepak Takraw

From the males-only Sepak Takraw team comes Son Hoang, whose chiselled features and broad shoulders are certainly note-worthy. This Vietnamese athlete has shown that he is poised and graceful, whether on the soccer field or the sepak takraw court.


“I must go. My planet needs me.”


6. Soccer (M)

Leaping into the fields of soccer is Kian How, who has exemplified the notion of tirelessness (The lack of reserves in the soccer team meant that everyone had to persevere in the face of fatigue and difficult opponents). Evidently, fear is an expression that this young athlete does not have, seeing how he continues to conjure a moderately intimidating game-face in the following photos.


“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”


7. Basketball (M/F)

Returning from exchange is the man who defies all myths concerning exchange and weight gain – just inspect this lean and mean exemplar that proves how life is unfair for the rest of us. For those heading onto exchange next year, it’s time to arrange for a consultation with Sze Wei.


Look ma, no hands!

Representing the girls’ team for KE Basketball is team captain Joelance, nimble and composed as she manoeuvres her way around the court. Even as she falls the scene is that of art coming to life – she is a damsel but she is no way in distress. If you should upset her, however, be sure that her burly knight will hunt you down.


‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’


8. Netball

A beast in the dance studio, a beauty in Medicine Pageant, and a fusion of both qualities on the netball court, Dawne is the reason that the world needs greater balance (while the rest of us reside on the normal spectrum). [P.S. She’s taken.]


Then it dawned upon me that she had to be chosen.


9. Volleyball (F/M)

For the girls team, vice captain Shi Qing takes the cake. Those muscular thighs from years of volleyball training have proven themselves to be extremely frightening in the eyes of her adversaries, not to mention the confidence she exudes with every spike and block.


Valour personified.

And the final section is reserved for the B-Boy-cum-captain of the volleyball team, Ivan, owner of the Million Dollar Smile (not shown below). Fierce on the court and gentle outside it, the man has recently taken up dancing classes under the Open Day Ambassadors community. Be sure to check him out this Open Day.


‘Gotta protect the butt.’


Post-IHG Special

Finally, to end off the article, we shall present the Most Expressive Supporter of KE, none other than the former Prince of Racquet Sports Zhao Ming. Undoubtedly the most ardent supporter at all of KE’s matches (not because he is the Sports Director but because he GENUINELY cares), Zhao Ming has shown us the real meaning of dedication and professionalism in the execution of his duties.


Such face, much dope.

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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