IBG 15/16: Tchoukball

Written by: Shabira

Edited by: Shervin Lim

[ Editor’s note: The format for Tchoukball comprised a bracket system of winners and losers from a qualifying round, thus not all blocks had to play against one another. ]

This year’s IBG Tchoukball was probably one of the most energetic and intense matches in KEVII. As the matches between the different blocks went by, the spirits of the audience members never did diminish or fade out. The spectators maintained their high levels of enthusiasm, and kept their eyes glued to the players as they battled it out for the glory of their respective blocks. Overall, the atmosphere was that of liveliness, as the audience cheered on for their fellow team mates.

Unlike Soccer, Tchoukball is an interesting game to play in that there are no designated goalposts for each of the teams playing. Instead, any team can score in any one of the goals placed at the end of the court. However, what is different and, essentially, unique about this game is that in order for the team to score a point, the opposing team should not catch the ball once it bounces off the net. Additionally, no player is allowed to stand in the “D” with the ball, which refers to the semi-circle space surrounding the goalpost. The player cannot drop the ball, otherwise it is considered a foul. Also, catching a rebound from your own team’s shot is not allowed. Once a foul results, the opposing team gains possession at the site of the foul and they will be able to shoot at the goal. Indeed, the rules and tactics in tchoukball are short and simple, easy for the residents to learn and understand. This was probably why the game was filled with much energy and enthusiasm as players and spectators alike understood what was happening in the various matches that took place.


AB vs GH

As the players of AB and GH took their place in the court, the audience cheered for their respective blocks. There was much buzz and excitement around as the red team (GH) battled it out with the green team (AB). As both teams fought against each other, Lucinda from GH managed to get hold of the ball and subsequently attempted to score. As the ball bounced off and none of the AB team players managed to catch it, team GH successfully scored.

A few more rounds of ball passing went by as players from GH and AB blocked one another in an attempt to maintain possession. Eventually, Buan Heng from GH managed to grab hold of the ball and with swift, calculated and strategic movements, scored for the team. After 7 minutes, it was half-time.

GH was unfazed by the fact that half-time meant 2 minutes of resting, for they were practicing theirshots and throws, while re-strategizing themselves to better their performance for the remainder of the match. After half-time, the game continued with the same amount of vigour and intensity as before. A few seconds before the game ended, Edward from GH shot into the goal and scored a point, effectively winning the game for GH.

She aims…. And she strikes!

She aims…. And she strikes!

This was Wonderwoman Lucinda at last year's IBG.

[Editor’s insert: This was Wonder Woman Lucinda at last year’s IBG.]


GH vs E

After the GH vs AB match, it was time for GH to battle it out against another block – block E. It was a couple of ball passes before Jason from E got hold of the ball and swiftly aimed at the goal and made a shot. The ball bounced off, but Edward from GH caught the ball at the last second. The players from E, however, displayed great sportsmanship and continued to battle it out for their block. Meanwhile, the spectators who were in favour of GH shouted words of approval, as they praised the fast wits of their fellow players.

At one point in the game, the ball from Jason’s throw was deflected off the goal and bounced off GH’s Buan Heng’s head which was, of course, a very comical sight. The crowd roared with laughter. Amidst the tension and lethargy of the players, they were nonetheless smiling, which clearly showed that they were enjoying themselves as they made new friends from other blocks. Buan Heng nearly caught the ball that bounced off his head, however the point eventually went to E Block. E Block put up a tough fight, but eventually GH won for this round as well.

The players from block E surely had fun during the matches.

The players from block E surely had fun during the matches.


F vs GH

Since GH claimed victory for the previous match, they had to play again; this time, they were up against F Block. As the match started, there were a couple of ball passes between the players of F. Qi Dong from GH, however, caught the rebound from a shot made by F Block. Although they were playing 3 consecutive matches, GH players battled for their block tirelessly, each time putting a good fight.

With the ball in their court, Buan Heng shoots towards the goal, only for it to be intercepted by Hong Yi from F during the rebound. The crowd watched intently as both teams put up a brave fight. Both teams displayed strong offensive tactics. During the game, team F had incurred a foul; yet, they remain undeterred and continued to persevere and fight on for their block. Indeed, although GH achieved a victory for the round, both teams demonstrated an admirably high level of strength and tenacity during the match.

The players of GH watched, anxiously and eagerly, for the ball to successfully hit the net.

The players of GH watched, anxiously and eagerly, for the ball to successfully hit the net.


AB vs CD

After a short while, it was time for AB to battle against CD. Players decked out in yellow and green came forward to the court and began spreading themselves out so that they would be able to shoot when the opportunity arrived. After a few minutes into the game, Joel from AB scored a point for the team, bringing on a wave of cheers from AB spectators in the crowd. Wen Xuan, from AB as well, scored soon after.

With their rapid and agile movements, AB players looked determined and played enthusiastically alongside their teammates and opponents. CD players put up a strong fight as well. Nelson, from CD, managed to score one for the team, and the audience cheered and clapped for their players.

It seemed as though the audience was in sync with the players in the court. When a player scored one for their team, it was immediately followed by applauses and cries of cheers. Similarly, when a player missed the goal, it was followed by cries of “Almost there!” It was noteworthy, however, that the audience remained encouraging and supportive throughout the matches to those in the court. It was an extremely close fight, with AB winning CD by 1 point!

Despite being tired, AB players were still all smiles after the match for a photo!

Despite being tired, AB players were still all smiles after the match for a photo!

Ready… Set…. Pose CD!

Ready… Set…. Pose CD!

Final Scores

Match Points
F vs CD 14-10
AB vs GH 7-18
GH vs E 20-12
AB vs CD 13-12
F vs GH 10-18
AB vs E 17-9


1st: GH

2nd: F

3rd: AB

4th: E

5th: CD

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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