IBG 15/16: Basketball

Written by: Gerald Lim

Edited by: Shervin Lim

IBG 15/16 Basketball

Basketball was the first sport featured at this year’s Inter-Block Games. We had the privilege of having Dr. Chen, F Block Resident Fellow, to say a few words at the event opening. He encouraged people to come down to participate in the games and support the people who are playing. He reminded us that trying one’s best was more important than winning in the IBG.

Many gamely participated in the matches even though they did not have prior experience in playing basketball professionally. KEVIIans saw the game as an opportunity to learn a new sport. It was also heartening to see quite a number of freshies took part in this years’ game, working together with their new found friends and enjoying themselves!


Block CD men’s team getting ready for action!

Block CD men’s team getting ready for action!

#1: CD vs F

The first game for this year’s IBG got off to a slow start. CD’s special resident, Jackson (CD Block Resident Fellow’s son) was one of the players representing the CD men’s team. Dominic from CD scored the first point four minutes into the game. CD’s players put up a strong showing for the game, but this clearly did not dampen the spirit for Block F’s supporters. Cheers from supporters of Wen Bin from Block F slowly but surely lifted up the atmosphere, and the opening game culminated on a high.

Jackson in action

Jackson in action


#2: AB vs GH

Both the men’s and women’s players from these two blocks brought the energy level up by one notch. Players elicited cheers from the crowd as they dribbled the ball from one end of the court to another at lightning speed. Jeston from GH was clearly the stealing the show. Besides handling many challenging lay-ups from the flank, he performed a swift underhand pass to his teammate Shu Li who scored in the last minute!

Chiong AHHHH!

The women’s game was no less exciting. GH was off to a running start and scored within the first thirty seconds. Players were very quick on their feet, moving rapidly to form a strong defence whenever the ball switched possession. Yi Jun from AB Block drew comments from the crowd for being especially fast on her feet. Somewhere in the middle of the game, Lucinda from AB intercepted the ball in one swift stroke and scored!

KE Womens Power!!

KE Womens Power!!


#3 E vs CD

Spectators had their eyes glued to the court during the exhilarating performance put up the women’s team from both sides. The two teams were somewhat on par in terms of skill and agility; strong players were fielded from both sides. Still, there were light-hearted moments in the game where one of the block E players held on to the ball and refused to let go! A very strong defence was put up by players from both block E and block CD.

In the last minute, the score was (6 – 4), with block E having six points. To everyone’s amazement, Wang Lin, affectionately known to many from KE7 as ‘小只’ (The Little One), from CD block intercepted the ball and dashed across the court in double quick time and scored a three-pointer just as the whistle was blown! What a heart-stopping match!

Wang Lin ‘小只’, KE’s Women’s Basketball Vice-Captain in her element

Wang Lin ‘小只’


Overall results

Match-ups Score
CD vs F M: 9-0
F: 12-4
AB vs GH M: 1-8
F: 6-12
E vs CD M: 2-6
F: 6-7
F vs GH M: 2-8
F: 0-14
CD vs AB M: 3-3
F: 4-6
E vs F M: 2-3
F: 12-0
CD vs GH M: 5-8
F: 2-10
AB vs E M: 4-14
F: 8-12
F vs AB M: 14-2
F: 0-12
E vs GH M: 6-4
F: 0-2

Final Ranking

1st GH
2nd CD
3rd E
4th AB
5th F

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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