AY 14/15 DnD “We, the Kings” – F Block Pageant Interview

Written by: Sarah Cheng

Edited by: Vivien Tang


F Block might win just because of the sheer chemistry that exists between these two.

F Block might win just because of the sheer chemistry that exists between these two.

Would you like to introduce yourselves?

Xian Zhi (XZ): Okay, I’ll go first. I’m in Year 1 Life Science, and I’m in… five CCAs in hall. That’s not a lot I think, two committees and three sports: Block Committee, Hall Pub, Frisbee, Volleyball, and Touch Rug.

Sarah (S): I’m a Year 1 Statistics major. I’m in four CCAs, two sports and two comms: Touch Rug, Swimming, Block Comm, and OCIP Cambodia.


No cultural CCAs between the two of you?

S: Maybe next year.


If you could hang out with anyone (alive, deceased, fictional…) for a day, who would you choose and what would you guys do?

XZ: Since you allowed fictional characters… I thought of the Genie from Aladdin, ‘cause it’s like… friends with benefits.

I’m sorry?

XZ: I can get all my wishes done…

S: But you only get three wishes.

XZ: At the end of the day, I’ll ask for more genies or more wishes!

S: I don’t think you can… He stated that in his terms and conditions!

XZ: Okay lah, then I hope when I make friends with him, he could maybe close both eyes to that?

S: When I saw that we could choose fictional characters, the first person I thought of was Dr. Seuss.

XZ: Dr. Seuss is real, though.

S: I meant the cartoon one. The Cat in the Hat! The first thing I’d do is try his green eggs and ham.

XZ: Isn’t that just veggies? Green eggs…


What is your guilty pleasure?

S: Chocolaaaaates.

XZ: That’s so simple.

S: I’m… easy to please.

XZ: I eat whenever I’ve nothing to do. Basically, I just keep eating. I’ll eat because I’m bored, I’ll eat to concentrate. If I need to write essays, I’ll get Red Bull, chocolates, that kind of thing.

S: Red Bull? A bit too intense.

XZ: I need to smoke something out, so Red Bull helps me smoke, to type something first.


If you were the monarch of the world for a day, what would be your first decree?

XZ: This one’s challenging. Well, I was reading essays yesterday, so I will remove all the unimportant stuff we have to do while studying. SO you can study what you want and the minimum is to study the course requirements. No breadths, or SS… I might be able to finish my degree in two years.

S: No class before 12.

XZ: That’s a good one.

S: You have one day, use it to your advantage!


Anything to say about your experience in pageant, or any hopes for tonight?

XZ: I think it’s quite fun. I joined mainly because ‘kena sabo’ but in the end it was quite fun.

S: I thought it would be quite a waste of time, but it turned out quite interesting!


I’ve heard you guys are the favourites to win, so good luck and have fun with the pageant!

DnD is happening at 6.30pm tonight at Kent Ridge Guild House! So it’s time to sit back, relax and put on your thinking caps to choose your favourite couple of the night!


Photos courtesy: KE Vision

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