AY 14/15 DnD “We, the Kings” – AB Block Pageant Interview

Written by: Cheryl Tan

Edited by: Sarah Cheng

crystal sungmin pic

AB’s dynamic duo – Crystal and Sung Min!

Tell us more about yourself.

Crystal: I’m in Life Sciences, Year 1. I like to draw, read, sing and waste my life away on social media.

Sung Min: I am Sung Min, staying in B101, and studying biomedical engineering. I was in Singapore since 2008. I thought of leaving Singapore after my A levels as I wanted to study in Germany but I was lured by the looks of the U town. As such, I chose to come to NUS. I am still not sure whether I made the right choice. But so far, I am loving the experience in NUS and in the hall, even though I am pretty low key.

Do your friends tease you about your good looks often?

Crystal: Nope, haha.

Sung Min: No. Actually my friends always tell me that I am ugly. And just like most guys do, we always believe that we look better than the others. When I meet with my Korean friends, we always complain about each other’s ugliness. When I told my friends that I am going for pageant, they were just like “So that’s the face that you are going with, huh.”

Why did you participate in this pageant?

Crystal: For the photos and the experience.

Sung Min: I did not intend to participate in pageant at first. However, my girlfriend asked me to at least go for the interview for fun so here I am doing all these things. I’ve got some words for the one who nominated me for this: I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.

Are you excited about taking part in this competition?

Crystal: Not really, I’m worried about the dance segment haha.

Sung Min: Not at all. I am really glad that this is ending soon. Like real soon.

What do you think are the chances of the both of you winning?

Crystal: Low!

Sung Min: Uhmm quite low ah. I think the couple from F block will be this year’s Hall King and Queen. Congrats to them in advance!

Any chemistry between the two of you?

Crystal: Nope. There’s biology if me being in Life Sciences and he being in Biomedical Engineering counts. We’re both attached.

Sung Min: No ah. I’ve got a girlfriend and she’s got a boyfriend. If for some reason we have any chemistry, I would be killed by my girlfriend and her boyfriend! I think Crystal and her boyfriend are really compatible.

Tell me something funny about your partner that most people don’t know.

Crystal: He said that most people know funny things about him!

Sung Min: Didn’t really get the chance to talk to Crystal so… well…

And that’s a wrap! Good luck to both of you at the pageant!

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