AY14/15 DnD “We, The Kings” – E Block Pageant Interview

Written by: Tan Zher Min

Edited by: Vivien Tang


For this year’s DnD, We, The Kings, E Block’s pageant representatives are Russell and Yujin. In this interview with the dynamic, funny and energetic duo, be ready to see more of their thoughts on being kings and more importantly, witness their chemistry that makes them great pageant partners.

ZM: Zher Min, R: Russell, Y: Yujin

ZM: So, tell me more about yourselves – your major and CCAs?

Y:    I’m in Year 1 Life Sciences and I’m in cheer *whispers: but I haven’t been going* (guilty laughter), OCIP Laos, band and tennis, yay!

R:    I am Russell, Year 1 Pharmacy. My CCAs in hall are – hall play, band, cheer and CMB. Yas*.

*’Yas’ is Russell’s version of ‘yes’, pronounced yaas (with enthusiasm).


ZM: What are your interests?

R:    I’ve been an archer for about 5 years and archery was actually my first real passion. I picked up the sport in JC, but I didn’t have time to continue shooting after I went to the army. But I still have all my gear and I still go shooting every once in a while when I have time. I also like to watch anime – I subscribe to a lot of Japanese culture: anime, manga. Yas, I’m an Otaku.

Y:    Do you speak Japanese?

R:    I did take Japanese in Sem 1 and I was relying a lot on my background knowledge. I didn’t study that well, but it’s a thing of the past now – and oh my god I cannot take 5 hours of tutorial a week, nope. Not doing that again. It’s madness.

Y:    I’ll have to take Chinese in future, because my mum encourages me to.

R:    Say something in Chinese!

Y:    我是Yu Jin。现在我吃waffle! 朱古力! Yay, nailed it! Anyway, band is my interest, especially singing. I started singing when I joined choir. I’ve been in choir for 6 years and I wanted to try other types of singing, therefore I joined band in KE. I’m never really good in sports though, maybe that’s why I like singing so much.


ZM: The theme for this year’s DnD is We, The Kings. If you could be royalty, which region would you rule? And why?

R:    I like penguins, so… Antarctica. I LOVE PENGUINS! I’ll just sit there and be the King of the Penguins, watching the penguins waddle around all day. That’ll be so fun. PENGUINS, YAS!!!

Y:    Then I guess I’ll be the King of the Polar Bears in the Arctic. So we’ll be the kings of the two poles and rule the north and the south!

R:    And we’ll come back to Singapore – just nice at the equator! Unless she plans to go back to Korea; that’s really far, I’m just gonna sit in my ice castle and sing Let It Go!


ZM: Is this your first time participating in a pageant event?

R:    For me, no, because I was nominated as one of the finalists for the Pharmacy pageant last year. Oh well, but I didn’t win anything. I honestly didn’t expect myself to be nominated for pageant again.

Y:    It’s my first time, though, I’m not as pops as Russell.

R:    Which is totally unexpected! Look at her, so pretty, it’s exotic in a good way, of course. Like, oh my god, it’s a real life Korean! (fanboys) Sign my random personal belongings!!!


ZM: Since you guys are both in band, have you considered performing together? 😉

Y&R: Yeahhh (very enthusiastically)

R:    We’ll be putting up an awesome performance with three songs during DnD.

Y:    Yay!

R:    It’s gonna be great, so do look forward to it!


ZM: What is your first impression of each other?

R:    Oh my god, you’re Korean! That’s so cool! Say something in Korean. (continues to fanboy)

Y:    (rolls eyes) That’s so cliché!

R:    No, seriously! I had a Korean friend but he speaks Singlish so that doesn’t count. Yujin’s the first legit Korean that I’ve met and then she joined cheer. Yay, so awesome! Yujin’s a funny person who can sing really well.

Y:    That’s not a first impression though.

R:    When she opened her mouth, wow she’s so Korean! (Y: That’s racist!) No it’s not, it’s an anthropological… thingy. She’s Korean, she sings well and I love her face!

Y:    I first saw him in cheer supper for the freshies. When I first saw him, I thought, this dude is so noisy. He’s one of those super funny people who went around annoying everybody. That was my first impression of him, but it was a good impression.


ZM: Do you think your partner has what it takes to be the next Hall King/Queen? Why or why not?

Y:    YES, I will totally vote for him! Look at him, just look at him, would you not vote for him? Look at all this amazingness in Russell.

R:    YAS! Look at her! Look at her flowing locks, her incredibly beautiful complexion. Those Korean eyes, the Korean nose, the Korean cheeks. Look at Yu Jin – so Korean! In a good way. There’s so much talent oozing out of her; she’s just so amazinggg.

(At this point Qing Hui enters)

Y:    Qingy, tell her why you’d choose Russell as Hall King.

QH: Hall King? Eww.

Y:    How about Hall Queen? AHH YES, Russell should be the next Hall Queen! He’s prettier than a lot of girls in general. (QH recalls how they’ve tried putting eyeliner on him.) But in all seriousness, I really wanna thank Russell for being such a good sport and being my partner. Especially because he makes the atmosphere and whole DnD experience really fun and enjoyable with his retarded-ness. He was given a very short notice of joining pageant, but he agreed without complaining at all, and I’m so thankful and glad that he did.


ZM: Before we end the interview, is there anything you want to say to all your fans out there?

R:    I have a fan in my room. It’s really really terrible.

Y:    I have a fan? Oh yeah I do, it’s very dusty.

R:    The ventilation is quite bad, probably because I haven’t cleaned it since I moved in.

Y:    Holy shit– Don’t, don’t walk into Russell’s room.

R:    It’s okay if I open both my windows and door, then it’ll be tolerable. So, to my fan, I’d like to say to you, please please work harder, I’m sweating down here.

Y:    Yes, fan. Please work. You only have one job here.


ZM: I’m sorry, let me rephrase (sighs at poor word choice). Anything else you want to say to your supporters?

R:    Buy Yujin’s concert tickets!

Y:    (puzzled look) What concert tickets?

R:    She’s Korean, it’s a given that she’ll be putting up performances of some sort. Come and watch Yujin’s performance!

Y:    (enthusiastically) Yes, my concert that I do not know about.

R:    Yas, just come and watch her anyway, she’s Yujin! And come watch our performance during DnD.

Y:    Come watch our bassist too!

ZM: (Yours truly rolls eyes and sighs at this energetic duo)


ZM: Russell – a question specifically for you from a fan of yours. (1) Are you attached? (2) What do you look for in a girl?

R:    No, I’m not [attached]. Well firstly she must be a girl from birth, that’s very important. I like children–

Y:    That doesn’t sound right…

ZM: In a romantic way?!

R:    NO NO! Guys, I like children, as in children. This is getting out of hand. NO! WE WILL START AGAIN. (Tl;dr: Russell envisions having children in the near future so his dream girl needs to want to have children too.) Yas. I’d like a girl whose sense of humour can match mine; it’s so difficult finding a girl like that. I like to laugh, joke and play, but sometimes when I do that it’s inappropriate and I get weird stares from other people. So I’d like to find someone who can share the same sense of humour.


Russell: MY TURN! (Happily takes over my job) From a secret admirer also. (1) Are you attached? (2) What do you look for in a guy? Don’t say Korean though.

Y:    (stares at Russell judgmentally)

R:    What?! It’s a secret admirer! You don’t know who he/she is!

Y:    Ah well. Nope. My parents would want me to find a Korean though. They’re like, “We don’t really look for anything, but he must be Korean.” Apart from that, I think that having the same sense of humour is really important too. If you can’t click together then it’s a bit weird. Imagine having awkward moments every time you try to make a joke. So that’s really important to me. He doesn’t have to be Korean.

R:    Although your parents would prefer that. So guys, if you’re Korean and can speak Korean, go to E6-XX and look for Yujin!


Be sure to catch this energetic duo's performance at this year's DnD!

Be sure to catch this energetic duo’s performance at this year’s DnD!



To witness their chemistry firsthand, be sure to catch Russell and Yujin’s lovely duet at DnD this Saturday (28 March)! See you guys there!

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