IHG Basketball Prelims (F) vs EH

Written by: Cheryl Francesca

Edited by: Nadine Febrinka

The atmosphere was tense, as both the guys’ and girls’ basketball team strode onto their respective courts. Both teams were playing the first match of the basketball preliminaries at the U-Town Basketball Courts, against two different, but powerful opponents.

The buzzer signalling the start of the match sounded. Our girls took their positions around the centre ring, determined to put up a good fight against Eusoff Hall. At tip-off, Eusoff gained possession of the first ball and scored an easy basket. However, the KE girls were quick to respond, setting up a tight 3-2 zone defence to protect their basket. The Eusoff players were force to swing the ball around the perimeter, attempting to find a weakness.

Lucinda intimidates her opponent into backing away from the ball.

Lucinda intimidates her opponent into backing away from the ball.

The game progressed in this manner for the next 5 minutes, with KE fiercely defending their basket, making it tougher for Eusoff to gain points. The score was 10-0 to Eusoff, with KE keeping the score gap low. However, the momentum abruptly shifted in Eusoff’s favour, as KE’s shooters missed several shots. Eusoff grabbed rebounds and sped across the length of the court, scoring several easy baskets. Though KE tried to retaliate with some strategic plays, their failure to turn scoring opportunities into actual points widened the score gap further.

At one point, everyone on the field attempted to re-enact an Angry Birds level

At one point, everyone on the field attempted to re-enact an Angry Birds level.

As half time came, the KE players huddled in a circle, discussing various strategies and methods to improve the offence and defence. They ended off with a resolute cheer, and walked onto the court for the second half.


The whole team huddles together to cheer.

In the second half, the KE players focused on intensifying their defence, trying to deny Eusoff every pass and shot. However, riding on their momentum from the previous half, Eusoff managed to break the zone press over and over again. Despite that, the KE players persevered and continued sprinting up and down the court fiercely in pursuit of the ball. Through various set plays, they managed to sink several baskets, which were all met with resounding cheers from the sidelines.

Cheryl didn't add this picture, by the way. It was me, the editor!

Cheryl makes a leap for the ball amidst a crowd of opponents.

As the game wore on, Eusoff maintained a comfortable lead, matching each of our shots with two or three of their own. However, the KE spirit burned fiercely. The five girls on court continued fighting, all the way to the last buzzer. Despite their loss, the girls in red walked off court with their heads held high, amid applause from the audience.

You can't get a better group shot than this.

Good job girls!

Photos courtesy of KE Vision

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