IHG 14/15 Frisbee Carnival

Written by Jesereen Kaur

Edited by Poh De Sheng

IHG 14/15 Frisbee carnival

On the Saturday morning of 24-01-2015, I headed down to the NUS Sports Field armed with a coat of sunblock and a bottle of water, looking forward to a merciless day under the sun fun day outdoors after a long hiatus from the sun. Why? For the IHG Frisbee Carnival.

In case you misunderstood the meaning of the word ‘carnival’ like I did, IHG Frisbee is held entirely on one day where all 6 halls play round-robin style. In other words, 5 matches in one day. Each match lasts for 45 minutes with 7 players on each side. I hope you are impressed by the stamina of KE’s Frisbee team by now. Here are the results of the 5 matches.


Match Against Score Results
Sheares Hall 7-5 Win
Raffles Hall 4-5 Loss
Kent Ridge Hall 8-6 Win
Eusoff Hall 4-9 Loss
Temasek Hall 4-10 Loss

Overall: 4th Place

Match 1: KE vs SH

Captain Raga started off the day with a pep talk for the whole team as they huddled together in a circle. Along with some strategic advice from Lih Khuang, our team was all fired up for a good game.



Within the first 25 minutes, KE was already leading 4-2 with a good defense strategy that seemed to successfully prevent KR from scoring. However, KR was not to be underestimated as well as they inched closer to KE and bridged the gap at 4-4.

The Frisbee playing field is about 60x40m while the end zones are about 20x40m. This basically means that the field is really large. Running from one end to another repeatedly while playing the game is no easy feat. Here is another amazing fact, KE’s Frisbee players are able to play continuously with little or no breaks at all!

Even with KR running KE close, the team was able to adapt their strategy and pushed on to gain a lead of 6-4. By the end of the match, KE was able to secure a win of 7-5. Indeed a great start to a long day of Frisbee matches.


Match 2: KE vs RH

After a paltry 10 minute break, we went up against RH, who were strong opponents. In the beginning, KE managed to put up a great defense and prevented RH from scoring.

Besides stamina and skills, Frisbee also involves a lot of observation. Players have to pay attention to the wind conditions, the positions of their own players as well as their opponents. After familiarizing themselves, KE was able to adapt their strategy to maximize their height advantage over RH players. This led to KE building up a 3-1 lead.


However, key KE players began getting injured and the odds didn’t seem good. Lih Khuang, Dylen and Raga all got injured and had to be swapped out of the game. Nevertheless, we remained calm and composed and even managed to score, making it 4-2 to KE.


For the next half of the game, RH became more aggressive in their offense whilst KE had to improve their defense. The match eventually went to RH with a finally score 5-4.

I spoke to Jason, one of our players. He explained then even though it was a defeat, the team was still encouraged and motivated to push on. After a 2-7 defeat to RH last year, losing by one point this year shows how much improvement they have made.


Match 3: KE vs KR

Initially, KE was overwhelmed by a more fast-paced KR and found themselves behind at 0-2. However, triumphant catches by Raga and Yi Jun managed to turn the tides and KE was soon tied with KR at 2-2.

Soon enough, it seemed like a continuous scoring streak from KE as we were leading by 6-3.  One of the points was spectacularly scored by Nicholas who managed to catch the Frisbee half a field away!


At one point, due to the extreme heat and dehydration, one of the KR players fainted midway during the match. With the number of injuries sustained by players and the constant risk of exhaustion, this shows how challenging playing Frisbee can be. As the match was paused to attend to the player, our team took advantage to rest and rehydrate themselves as well.

The match continued with strong defense by KE and a few more successful attempts at scoring. KE eventually overcame KR with a score of 8-6.


Match 4: KE vs EH

Before the match, I spoke to Tommy who said that the match with EH was going to be challenging. Indeed EH was the team to beat for the day as they were undefeated in their 3 previous matches. To add to the challenge, KE had to play two matches back-to-back without much time for our players to recuperate.

Still, KE was determined to give their 100 percent and play their best. They managed to come up with an effective strategy and within 10 minutes, we were standing at 3-0 against EH!


However, there was a turn of tides and EH used a much more aggressive offensive strategy and eventually overtook KE. However, one of the most unique feature of the KE Frisbee team is its incredible support system from the entire team. Even though there are only 7 players on field, the whole team is always on the sidelines cheering and motivating the team. It was obvious that the support given by their own team mates kept the team going against a much stronger opponent.


The match went to EH with a score of 9-4.

Match 5: KE vs TH

After a long day, we were finally at the last match. As you can clearly see, the team was tired and sleepy calm and composed in anticipation of the match.


TH proved to be a strong opponent as well and soon overtook KE. Our team attempted to fight back and adapt their defense strategy to overcome TH.

In the end, TH won over KE with a score of 4-10 despite a good effort by the KE players.



The KE Frisbee team fought hard and never gave up. On top of that, they displayed an incredible sense of camaraderie and support for their team mates. Good job KE Frisbee!

All photos courtesy of KE Vision

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