IHG 14/15 Floorball Carnival (F), KE vs KR

Written by Tan Zher Min

Edited by Poh De Sheng

IHG 14/15 Floorball carnival (F) KE vs KR

After winning their first match of the day against SH (2-0), our female floorball team was all geared up for their next match at 2pm against Kent Ridge Hall. Having witnessed their glorious moment of victory in the morning, I was really looking forward to the second match. I was not disappointed as it proved to be even more exciting than the prior match.

1st Period

Before the match started, the players warmed up at their respective sides. It appeared to me that KR had a few strong players. Donning their deep blue jerseys, they also had matching light blue balls to warm up with. Our players continued with their warm up – dribbling, passing, shooting, and occasionally passing those blue balls that bounced into KE’s territory back to their opponents.

IMG6Our players warming up – taking turns to dribble and shoot

The match started off with KR attacking ferociously; the ball barely moved out of KE’s half of the court. Nevertheless, I was really impressed by how tight our defense was – our players defended really well and they tried to retaliate whenever they could. KR players shot ferociously whenever they had the chance, coming close many times. However, our goalkeeper, Lucinda did an amazing job and blocked all the shots that came her way.

After the 30-second timeout, KE started to fight back as our players managed to push the game over to KR’s territory. It was chaotic – players from KE trying to score and players from KR trying to snatch the ball away, resulting in many clashes of the players’ floorball sticks. There was one point in time where KR’s goalkeeper was so overwhelmed, she nearly scored an ‘own-goal’ by rolling the ball into her own net. <s>Un</s>Fortunately she managed to stop the ball in time.

IMG7In a sea of blue, Jovena sends a shot flying towards the goal

2nd Period

In the first period, none of the players managed to score a goal. During the 10-minute interval before the second period, players from both halls huddled around their coaches to come up with another strategy that would hopefully lead them to their first score.

The second period started off with KE gaining possession of the ball. A long pass by Jessica sent the ball towards KR’s goal. Although it was a near goal, there was no one there to follow up on her shot (everyone, including the KR players, had congregated near KE’s side), and this beautiful shot was blocked with KR’s goalkeeper. Nevertheless, she left the supporters in awe. My fellow supporter even nicknamed her ‘the petite tanker’. Her build might have been smaller compared to the opponent players, but she was steady and skillful. She also destroyed numerous KR scoring opportunities throughout the entire game by nimbly intercepting the ball before it could near the goal.

IMG8Jessica: “Off with your head!”

On the front end, I noticed that one of KR’s players – number 13 –was a constant threat to KE’s players. She moved quickly around the court and showed good stamina She was just <i>everywhere</i> on the court, teleporting to KE’s side, then back to KR’s defense line, and back to KE’s grounds again. I lost track of her a couple of times in the game. However, our attackers were not intimidated by her speed and they tried to block her, hindering her movements whenever possible.

img9 img10Captain Humaira and Veronica duel with KR’s 13

Despite our players’ greatest efforts, they did not manage to score this period as well. However, they defended well against KR, and the second period concluded with a 0-0 tie.

3rd Period

This period started off with KR first gaining possession of the ball. Within a few minutes, KR nearly scored a goal, but Lucinda managed to catch the ball before it went into the net. Players from KR were really frustrated as Lucinda managed to block every single shot. She even managed to catch the ball in mid-air with spot-on accuracy from a high shot from the opponents.

After a timeout, KE warriors started counterattacking fiercely while their supporters cheered them on from the sides. Five minutes before the game ended, the score was still at 0-0. Fatigue had started to creep onto our players’ faces, but they were still determined to fight till the very end. Just as I thought that the game would end with a tie, Mei Yi (who scored earlier during the match against SH) sent a ball flying towards the goal just when the KR goalkeeper was not expecting it, and she scored!

IMG11 Mei Yi was too fast for KR’s defenders and goalkeeper

After falling behind with only five minutes left, KR’s players played extremely aggressively, raising the pace of the game to a blistering degree. However, KE’s players did not lose their cool and, bolstered by their first score, they were determined not to let their opponents peg them back. Their resolute defence denied KR any opportunity to score and after what seemed like an eternity, the time was up. We won!

IMG12This calls for a celebration!

Kudos to the female floorball team for putting up such a great match and congratulations on your victory!

IMG13The team, the coach and their loyal supporters

All photos courtesy of KE Vision

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