IHG 14/15: Tennis (F) v TH Prelim 2

Written by: Cheyenne Phillips

Edited by: Vivien Tang

Tennis Prelims on 15 January started on a cool evening with the girls warmed up and eager to play. These prelims were against TH which proved to be a strong team throughout the matches. Nevertheless, the girls from KE showed their resilience and took their time, making the points count. The final score was TH- KE 3:2.

It was a good fight!

It was a good fight!


Tennis Prelims is played in 5 sets, 3 singles and 2 doubles. Each set is won by the first team to win 9 games. The line-up for the prelims are as follows:

1st Singles: Raquel

2nd Singles: Yi Ning

3rd Singles: Cheryl

1st Doubles: Michelle and Vivien

2nd Doubles: Yasmin and Yan Ting

First Singles: TH Win
TH-KE: 9:1

Raquel put on a good fight during her match, trying to go after TH’s fast balls and returns. While TH’s precision was hard to beat, Raquel did her best, scoring in almost every game. She showed her determination in the ninth game, winning it, obviously telling TH she would not let them win that easily. Her dedication to the sport and her team is commendable.

Raquel in action

Raquel in action



Second Singles: KE Win
TH-KE: 0-9

A well-known name around hall for her capabilities in sports, Yi Ning was seen keeping her cool throughout her entire set. In her own rhythm, she did not show any sign of panic and was focused during her match. She did not let her opponent own her in any of the games they played and she easily gave KE their first winning set.

Yi Ning being consistent in her play

Yi Ning being consistent in her play


Third Singles: KE Win

TH-KE: 3-9

Cheryl lobed the ball the entire set, and it was evident her playing style helped her to dominate the match. Many comments heard on the court was that you would need to be very patient to play with Cheryl. Cheryl’s technique of playing a slow game, set to her own pace proved to be very advantageous as she secured the second winning set for KE.

Cheryl's technique won KE our second set

Cheryl’s technique won KE our second set


First Doubles: TH Win
TH-KE: 9-0

This was an exciting match featuring Michelle and Vivien. Their team work and coordination was incredible and helped in putting up a good fight with TH. All their games were very close, some even neck-to-neck and 3 games went to sudden death. They did KE proud just by showing their aggression and determination.

Michelle serving to the opponent

Michelle serving to the opponent


Second Doubles: TH Win
TH-KE: 9:3

Yasmin and Yan Ting took their time with their set. They wanted to set up enough opportunities for them to take TH by surprise but TH had the speed to block them. Nevertheless, it was a well fought fight regardless of the final score.

Yasmin and Yan Ting showed us the spirit of perseverance

Yasmin and Yan Ting showed us the spirit of perseverance


Photos courtesy of: KE Vision


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