IHG Opening Ceremony AY14/15

Written by Cheyenne Phillips

Edited by Vivien Tang


Despite being halfway through the games, the Inter-Hall Games Opening Ceremony went on to officially open the Inter-Hall Games (IHG). This year’s IHG Opening Ceremony indicates the passing of roles from last year’s convening hall, Raffles Hall to the current convening hall, Sheares Hall. The hour-long ceremony was held in RH comm hall and featured talents from KE7 as well as RH.

To kick off the event, showing only a glimpse of what talent KE has, KE Dance put up a great display of dance moves. While they may have lacked the full strength of the team, it cannot be denied that the team of 7 had more than enough talent to blow the audience away.

KE full of talent!

KE full of talent!


Of course, there to support them was a very proud fellow dancer and Cultural Director, Valerie.

See Val’s proud smile!

See Val’s proud smile!


Next up the Guest of Honour, Dean of Student Affairs from the Office of Student Affairs, Associate Professor Tan Teck Koon gave an uplifting opening speech, emphasising that OSA supports and endorses the IHG. A/P Tan explains it if for three reasons; firstly, sports is a good form of recreation, secondly, it is to build a sense of camaraderie among the six halls and lastly, sports builds character and encourages values such as integrity, respect and resilience.

A/P Tan giving the opening speech.

A/P Tan giving the opening speech.


RH provided two more acts, firstly with their home-breed rock band Rock-a-fellas followed by Unplugged, which showcased RH’s range of musical talent!

Convening hall, SH played a video to showcase how each hall trained and came together to compete in the games. KE’s handball, softball, sepak takraw and badminton (F) teams were featured in the video.

The ceremony ended with A/P Tan and all the hall masters cutting the red ribbon, symbolising the official opening of the games.

Opening of IHG!

Opening of IHG!


With that, well wishes were changed and supporters made their way to cheer on the road relay teams.

For more information on IHG 14/15, go to ihg1415.nus.edu.sg for scores, rules and other coverage!


Photos courtesy of: KE Vision

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