IHG 14/15: Faces of KE

Written by: Shervin Lim

Edited by: Tan Hui Xian


Your face, as you peruse the article below.

More than a week has gone by since the IHG season began, and true to KE’s sporting scene, I am here to bring you the sporting Faces of KE – a complete selection of the most photogenic players of the sports played thus far.

In my search for these faces after endless clicking on the Kay Ee Facebook page, I have concluded that bad lighting and sweat-ridden faces are never appealing to the camera, so I apologise in advance to the Road Relay runners that have worked hard this IHG.

(We all know that unglam photos are meant to be forgotten, whether buried or burnt, so forgive me.)


1: Floorball (M)


Check ’em legs out.

First up, hailing from Floorball is our ex-Captain Vernon, whose shapely eyebrows has won him legions of fan-girls in KE. Coupled with that remarkable pose on the top right, complete with firm calves, and we have a winner for the Floorball males’ category (just look at how Yan Shi is mesmerized by Vernon’s b-).


2: Floorball (F)


That look of focus.

Meanwhile, on the girls’ team we have Humaira, present Captain and Floorball’s undisputed poster girl for AY14/15. If the fashion-ad-esque photos above fail to convince you, it’s good time you pay a visit to your optician.


3: Badminton (F)


‘Bitch, I’m fabulous.’

You must have figured that the Wonderwoman of KE Sports would make her appearance in due time, and so she did. Whether it be wielding a badminton racquet or grasping a handball, Lucinda is a titan when it comes to making her opponents cower.

If you still have your reservations, this next photo will surely haunt you in your dreams (viewer discretion advised due to graphic material).


My eyes! My eyes-!


4/5: Badminton (M) and Table Tennis (M)

yujin zhaoming

A chip off the old block.

You cannot possibly ask me to choose between two Princes of Racquet Sports, especially when both of them look so rad regardless of the racquet sport in question. For the purpose of this article however, Yu Jin wins it for table-tennis and Zhao Ming takes it for badminton (just look at how carefree he looks playing the game).


6: Table Tennis (F)


Ever the fiery pixie.

Our up-and-coming Princess of Table-Tennis is ruthless at the table. Violent smashes are aplenty in all of Jia Ying‘s matches; it must also be said how sassy she looked with her short bob, even as she manoeuvred her hip to deliver those bullets. Simply become a spectator at the girls’ next game to witness this ball of fire in its entirety.


7: Tennis (F)


Them balls don’t scare me.

Joining the trail of racquet extraordinaires is Cheryl, present girls’ Captain of KE Tennis, who had already charmed the spectators at her appearances during the Inter-Block Games last semester. Now, she is back to do it all again at IHG so be sure to give her all your support.


8: Tennis (M)


‘I woke up like this.’

Representing the guys is Captain Liang Yuh, also the present captain of Road Relay (whose photos for the latter must never see the light of day). Even in his seemingly fatigued demeanour, his body and his movement speak for themselves.


9: Touch Rugby (M)


Bang bang into the room~

The only reason anyone would brave the unforgiving sun to support our truggers is attributed to this rugging heartthrob. Those guns of Ryan must have left a trail of broken-hearted girls in his wake, and the cap remains his only concealment from the lonely Starbucks long list of crazy ex-lovers. Well played?


10: Touch Rugby (F)


Can’t touch this.

This is undeniably the hardest decision of all, which is why I won’t be making any. On one hand we have resident dancing queen Grace and her fresh auburn streaks; on the other we have girl-next-door Adila and her hazel locks. Both looking equally stunning on the field, muddy or not, it only gets better when they show up in photos together. (Thank me later.)


Top: Grace channelling her inner Vogue. / Bottom: Skipping with Grace, with skipping grace.


11: Handball (F)


Intense game also can smile.

Sportswoman of the Year Yining is a must-have on this list, for the simple reason that she never looks tired or disgruntled in every of her sporting photos. Just check out the ones above and you’d realize why she is truly deserving of all her accolades.


12: Handball (M)



And the man who will live eternally in every list is dear Isaac Chay, ex-Hall King and forever the most photogenic guy to have walked through KE, complete with them sexy man-brows. Just for the record, ladies, he’s taken. (Now you can go cry your hearts out.)




13: Soccer (F)


That bottom right photo speaks for itself.

Captain of the girls’ team and girlfriend to the captain of the guys’ team, Tina demonstrates why she deserved the Most Photogenic accolade at last year’s KE Dinner & Dance. That ponytail of hers seems to know exactly where to position itself each time her photo gets taken on the field, and every shot emerges like a work of art. Kudos to the photographer as well.



‘Why did I not get on this list?!’

If you’re wondering why your selfies failed to compare to the photogenic lot above, it’s because heaven is unfair, even though you must probably, hopefully, be good at something else. So stop pondering and start heading down to KE’s matches to support our players and you just might join the list of most photogenic spectators.


The epitome of tongue-in-cheek.

If you still don’t get in the albums, it’s time to make more friends in KE Vision.


‘Don’t cry anymore la, come I sayang.’

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

Disclaimer: Any cropping performed to the photos is for the sole purpose of presenting the faces of the people in question. For the actual photos, head on down to the Kay Ee Seven Hall’s Facebook photo albums to admire the work of our skilled photographers.

5 thoughts on “IHG 14/15: Faces of KE

  1. Hey KE Press, I don’t think writer intended to be mean, but it may have appeared that way because the writer put…

    “viewer discretion advised due to graphic material” followed by “my eyes! my eyes-!” as a caption to Lucinda’s photo.

    these 2 phrases used together could be read as the photo is shocking, grotesque, etc.

    even though I completely believe it wasn’t your intention, the way it was written seemed like there was an element of mockery (which is weird when the rest of the article sounds great).

    anyway, just wanted to let you know because it’s a waste when your good work could be open to misinterpretation.

    thanks for reading this comment!


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