IHG 14/15: Handball (M&F) Prelim 1

Written by: Ho Wei Lip

Edited by: Sarah Cheng

Finally, it is once again time for the highly anticipated Inter-Hall Games. The weather threatened to further put off our fun, but luckily for the fans and the players, the heavy rain stopped just in time for the games to begin.

Lifehack: Apply glue to hands for maximum possession of ball.

Life Hack: Apply glue to hands to keep possession FOREVERRRRR

The KE warriors were about to meet the defending champions, RH. Strong in both spirit and body, we were absolutely ready for war.

The KE Handball Warriors

The KE Handball Warriors

In the first half, KE seized first possession. The point guard for the team, Isaac, took control of the game, setting our team’s pace. The ball was then passed from player to player in a “wave offense”, finally reaching the hands of our star player, Zhang Bo. He immediately saw the chink in the opponent’s defence, and took advantage of it. Weaving through two defenders, he leapt in for a shot… GOALLLL! The score was now 1-0, with KE drawing first blood.


Who needs a hoverboard when you can already do this?

RH was not about to be crippled by just one goal, however, and immediately retaliated. They passed the ball to their centre, who executed a pivotal move, scoring their first goal. Even with the superior goalkeeping skills of our DARK KNIGHT (Jerrard), the RH centre was just too big and too strong to fail (192cm 😣). Although Zhang Bo managed to bring our score higher and higher – scoring two more for KE – for every point Zhang Bo earned, RH took one in return.

10 minutes into the game, RH called a time out with the score at 3-3. This was a boon for them – RH proceeded to score six points in a row; KE could barely retaliate. At half time, the score stood at 9-4.

The second half was not a lucky one for the KE team – the RH players continued their powerful plays, while KE could only sneak in a few points. The goal of the night, however, belongs to KE’s one and only Sim Xing Kai.

Xing Kai scored the 6th goal for KE, and it was absolutely stunning – Xing Kai must have leapt more than one metre beyond his defender’s reach before he rammed the ball, with maximum force, towards the goal. The rival goalie could not even try to catch such a strong and powerful blitz, likely for fear of breaking his arms. Everyone stood in awe, cheering and screaming at their top of their voices. I do believe that the girls were absolutely mesmerised by his heroic play.

The final score line turned out to be 20-7. Although our team did not win the game, their efforts were very commendable. Kudos to KE Handball!

Xing Kai’s incredible shot

Xing Kai’s incredible shot

To all our fans: thank you!

To all our fans: thank you!

Due to the earlier delay, the girls’ match was also postponed. But our dear KE fans stayed on to support the girls’ handball team. The game started at a blinding pace, with SH taking first possession of the ball. This time, the Shearites drew first blood – a winger from RH scored from an absurdly sharp angle. Shortly after, KE, in possession, momentarily fumbled. Seeing the opening, RH stole the ball and scored, making the score 2-0. Nevertheless, KE’s team spirit did not waver. The girls continued their planned offense, and when the ball passed into Wang Lin’s hands, she used her nimble body to her advantage to score the first goal for KE.

I believe I can fly

See? What did I tell you about the glue?

However, after that, RH managed to widen the gap to 7-2. Before the first half could end, Cheryl lobbed the ball from mid court and scored (à la David Beckham if he played handball), making the score at half time 3-7.

Cheryl's beautiful lob

Cheryl’s beautiful lob

Once the second half started, Yi Ning scored a point with her incredibly fast moves. The KE fans were excited and began cheering as the score line seemed to be closing up. But after that goal, the SH girls continued dominating the game with the advantage of their size and power; they had much taller and stronger players. The game ended with a final score of 12-6 to SH.

Our handball team would like to thank all the fans that came down to support them through these matches. One more round of applause for our handballers!



Here's hoping all of you may one day find your true love

Here’s hoping that all of you may one day find your true love

Photos courtesy of KE Vision.

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